What is the niche of this blog?
David's Musings niche is guest postings on the paranormal/supernatural topic.  No other topic will be discussed without approval of Staff Editor.

 Why is this blog called David's Musings since it's niche is the paranormal/supernatural? Shouldn't the name reflect the niche?

Let's answer the first question first.  For seven years this blog had no niche.  It was mostly general discussion or whatever popped into the head of the blog owner, JD Weldy.  We discovered from research that changing the name of a blog kills traffic and SEO.  Most say it is only a short term setback.  Our research has shown it can also cause long term damage to the site as well.  So, for the foreseeable future, this blog will be remain "David's Musings."  The second question is also true.  Keeping the name David's Musings does hurt SEO with the title not being reflective of the content or direction of the site.  However, after evaluating the pros and cons, we felt the cons outnumbered the pros in a name change that reflected it was about the paranormal/supernatural.  That said, the name may change at some time in the future. 

Who is the owner of the blog?
JD Weldy is the former chief blog owner as of April 7, 2015.  There are now numerous blog owners who will, for the most part, remain anonymous except for the Senior Staff Editor, Wanda Newly

Do you allow advertising?
Yes, but with certain conditions.  Absolutely no porn will be allowed.  No gambling, no pharma or any type of hate messages will ever be allowed.  If you have advertising that does not come under any of the conditions cited, we will be happy to talk to you.  Click on the "Contact Us" tab at the top of the blog. Please put in subject line, "Advertising Request" and then tell us about your ad with the maximum you can pay (please be honest as you can also).

How long has this blog been in existence?
David's Musings has been in existence since April 5, 2008.

Do you sell, exchange or trade backlinks?
No!  Absolutely not!  Please don't ask.  Google is going after sites that do this now.

Do you accept guest posting?
We do this under our one topic right now.  If you have a story on the supernatural/paranormal, we would like to hear from you.  But, you cannot have a backlink unless your site is related to the paranormal/supernatural topic.  We do accept off-topic guest posting but at a cost.

Do you allow links in previous posts that are related to the subject matter?  No, no and no.  We get this request all the time.

Do you allow addendum to previous posts if it is related to the subject matter?  No, we do not.

Do you allow guest posts on subjects that are not of the paranormal/supernatural?  We do, but it's going to cost you.  Use the "contact us" tab at the top of the site to inquire.  Make sure you put "guest posting" in the subject and state what you wish to post on this site.

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