Originating in April 2008, this blog has a number of topics to read. However, focus of stories are now on the supernatural, the paranormal and the macabre.....enter at your own risk....


04/10/2015 - The torch is passed.  As of April 8th, David's Musings is no longer under the ownership and direction of JD Weldy.  A conglomeration of writers and guest posters now provide articles and information for this blog.  The next story under the niche of the paranormal/supernatural is expected in the last week of this month (April 2015).  If you are interested in sharing your story on the paranormal/supernatural, please click HERE.

04/14/2015 - Great news!  Instead of guest posting the last week of this month, our guest poster (Robert Simmons) informed us that he would have his paranormal/supernatural story ready for publication to David's Musings this Thursday (April 16, 2015).  The name of the story is "UFO at Dolphin Lake."  Sounds odd and mysterious all at once!   Be sure to check out Mr. Simmons story after 6:30AM CDT this Thursday.

04/23/2015 - Quick Reminder.  Since the last guest post on the paranormal/supernatural topic, we have gotten numerous emails both pro and con on Robert Simmon's story, "UFO at Dolphin Lake."  Even those that criticized the story thought it was well written.  But, they could not believe anything in the story itself because it conflicts with other well known facts relating to UFOs over the years.  We, at David's Musings, have no way in which to verify any "true story" on this topic.  Mr. Simmon's story was accepted as is.  If a majority of us here find it plausible and well-written, we will accept the story for publication.  Please don't shoot the messenger.  In any case, look for the next paranormal/supernatural guest post sometime next month.

05/05/2015 - Guest Posting language.  As everyone has noted by now, all our guest posts (on paranormal/supernatural topic) have been from Americans.  We have gotten many submissions for those from other countries, particularly from Spain, for publication on this blog. We have tried working with these potential authors on their submissions since English is not their primary language.  We accept English submissions ONLY.  The Google translator is a great tool.  But, that is all it is, a tool.  There are many things lost in translation.  We do not edit these submissions.  If they don't meet our language requirements completely, we must reject them.  We apologize for this.  Foreign submissions are welcome.  But, they must be edit-free and in good English before we even consider them for publication.  Also, look for some exciting news on the subject of guest posting in the near future!

06/07/2015 - Apologies!  As I'm sure those of you who avidly follow the paranormal/supernatural series, it has been well over a  month since our last guest posting on this topic.  The reason for lack of a post on this topic is twofold.  One, the quality has been lacking in our opinion.  That is not to say some of the entries have not been good.  There most certainly have been some good entries.  The main problem is that the entries are similar to at least one story already written on the paranormal/supernatural topic.  The previous blog owner allowed that to take place on this topic.  We are not going to allow duplicate type stories on the paranormal/supernatural if at all possible.  Secondly, we have received 127 entries, since the last guest posting,  and we simply have not had time to go over all of them.  We have 3 we are considering for publication at this time.  But, there is nothing for certain as to whether any of the 3 will be published.  Please subscribe to the paranormal feed and don't miss the latest guest post on this topic whenever it is published.

07/05/2015 - Even more apologies!  Once again, we must apologize for lack of guest posting on the paranormal/supernatural topic.  We have decided we are being far too picky in choosing which stories to publish.  However, we will not compromise on quality.  We have gotten some great stories.  But, they are similar to other stories on this topic.  We will have to relent and publish some of these stories.  We admit we are having a rocky start to the new direction of this blog.  We will settle down and get oriented.  Thanks for your patience!

11/16/2015 - Long time coming!   As regular visitors have no doubt noticed, it was 6.5 months since we finally posted a new entry in our paranormal/supernatural niche.  There are a number of reasons as to why this happened.  Some people who I thought I could initially count upon, to help with this blog, decided they didn't want to help.  Sometimes, life gets in the way of your life.  I understand that.  Regardless, as with today, we have had two blog entries since October 26th.  Both are doing fabulously, I might add.  I will do my best to maintain this blog to the highest standards as possible.  Thank you all for your patience!

1/24/2016 - Next Paranormal Story Coming Soon!  Hope everyone had a great holiday season!  As indicated, we have another paranormal story coming very soon.  I have read the rough draft and, I must say, it scared the hell out of me!  Please check back to the site for our new story.  Better yet, why not subscribe to the Paranormal/Supernatural feed?  You can do that by clicking HERE. 

4/5/2016 - Happy Birthday!  Today is the Eighth Birthday of David's Musings!  Not many active blogs after eight years I wager!    

9/8/2016 -  Long Delay.  I sincerely apologize to our many readers of the Paranormal/Supernatural topic for such a long delay in only our second story of the year.  To make a long story short, I have had medical issues for the past several months that have not enabled me to dedicate the time necessary to go over the many entries to this topic.  I must also apologize to the many writers who have submitted entries.  When we took over this site, I had 9 other people who promised to assist me.  I am now the only person left to administer and do the other things necessary to provide what this site deserves.  Again, my apologies to all.  With that out of the way, look for the second story, "Legend of Slaughter Hill," this weekend.  Thank you all for your patience.

11/7/2016 - Newest Entry in Paranormal/Supernatural topic.  As many may notice, our latest entry, An Ominous Presence, is up and available for your reading pleasure.  This is one of the best thus far and reader hits are indicative of this.  We hope to have at least one more entry before year's end.

01/16/2017 - Next Entry on the Paranormal/Supernatural topic.  Expect the next entry sometime this week.  I've read the rough draft.  It's a good one!

03/07/2017 - New Time Slips Article Coming Soon!  We are excited to announce a new time slips article coming soon to David's Musings.  This is a joint collaboration between several staff editors and communications representatives on David's Musings.  The immensely popular "Time Slips" article that was posted by former owner and writer, David Weldy.  To date, this one article has over 60K in reader hits.  It is astounding!  Please look for this new time slips article either this weekend or the middle of next week!

04/09/2017New Guest Post Coming That Will Likely Be Controversial - We have a guest post coming (within the next 7-10 days or perhaps longer now) that will be thought provoking and perhaps a bit even controversial.  It's really out there!  It had been rejected for publishing 5 different times.  Only after considerable debate among staff was it allowed to be published on this site.  So, be looking for this very long, and potentially controversial guest post soon! Also, while we are talking about controversial topics, we continue to get requests for links in previously published posts, some as old as 7 years ago.  This 9-year-old blog will not accept links even if it is related to the subject matter.  We just don't do it.  Please do not ask any longer.  Also, no addendum to previously published posts either.  If you will simply read our FAQ, you would not have to spend time inquiring about something that is prohibited on this site.  Thank you.

04/18/2017 - Delay for Posting of Controversial Story -  We are sorry to report that there will be a delay in posting of the story above that we mentioned could be controversial.  It appears the author refuses to edit two portions we have requested.  We the staff at David's Musings fully understand and realize the importance of getting a story told without censorship.  But, parts of the story mentioned are simply not in good taste and, quite frankly, we find the entire story beyond the realm of what this site is all about.  We still hope to publish this story within a couple of weeks.  But, there are two parts we simply cannot allow.  They are just ridiculous.  Personally, as we told the author, we find the entire article nonsense.  We originally voted to allow the article.  But, upon reading the final draft, we must concede the story, in its present form, cannot be allowed.  We will keep you up to date on this situation.  Tamara Connors, Assistant Editor, David's Musings. 

04/28/2017 - Above Controversial Story to be Posted THIS weekend!!! - We are pleased to announce that negotiations with the above author have been finalized and his post will finally appear this weekend, most likely Sunday night!  Please look for "Something Incredible - September 27, 2055" by Daniel E.  I never knew when myself and others took over this blog there would be negotiations on a post.  But, now I can say I've been there and done that!  We are very excited and pleased we can post this story! - Charlotte Hensley, Senior Staff Editor, David's Musings.

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