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04/10/2015 - The torch is passed.  As of April 8th, David's Musings is no longer under the ownership and direction of JD Weldy.  A conglomeration of writers and guest posters now provide articles and information for this blog.  The next story under the niche of the paranormal/supernatural is expected in the last week of this month (April 2015).  If you are interested in sharing your story on the paranormal/supernatural, please click HERE.

04/14/2015 - Great news!  Instead of guest posting the last week of this month, our guest poster (Robert Simmons) informed us that he would have his paranormal/supernatural story ready for publication to David's Musings this Thursday (April 16, 2015).  The name of the story is "UFO at Dolphin Lake."  Sounds odd and mysterious all at once!   Be sure to check out Mr. Simmons story after 6:30AM CDT this Thursday.

04/23/2015 - Quick Reminder.  Since the last guest post on the paranormal/supernatural topic, we have gotten numerous emails both pro and con on Robert Simmon's story, "UFO at Dolphin Lake."  Even those that criticized the story thought it was well written.  But, they could not believe anything in the story itself because it conflicts with other well-known facts relating to UFOs over the years.  We, at David's Musings, have no way in which to verify any "true story" on this topic.  Mr. Simmon's story was accepted as is.  If a majority of us here find it plausible and well-written, we will accept the story for publication.  Please don't shoot the messenger.  In any case, look for the next paranormal/supernatural guest post sometime next month.

05/05/2015 - Guest Posting language.  As everyone has noted by now, all our guest posts (on paranormal/supernatural topic) have been from Americans.  We have gotten many submissions for those from other countries, particularly from Spain, for publication on this blog. We have tried working with these potential authors on their submissions since English is not their primary language.  We accept English submissions ONLY.  The Google translator is a great tool.  But, that is all it is, a tool.  There are many things lost in translation.  We do not edit these submissions.  If they don't meet our language requirements completely, we must reject them.  We apologize for this.  Foreign submissions are welcome.  But, they must be edit-free and in good English before we even consider them for publication.  Also, look for some exciting news on the subject of guest posting in the near future!

06/07/2015 - Apologies!  As I'm sure those of you who avidly follow the paranormal/supernatural series, it has been well over a  month since our last guest post on this topic.  The reason for lack of a post on this topic is twofold.  One, the quality has been lacking in our opinion.  That is not to say some of the entries have not been good.  There most certainly have been some good entries.  The main problem is that the entries are similar to at least one story already written on the paranormal/supernatural topic.  The previous blog owner allowed that to take place on this topic.  We are not going to allow duplicate type stories on the paranormal/supernatural if at all possible.  Secondly, we have received 127 entries, since the last guest posting,  and we simply have not had time to go over all of them.  We have 3 we are considering for publication at this time.  But, there is nothing for certain as to whether any of the 3 will be published.  Please subscribe to the paranormal feed and don't miss the latest guest post on this topic whenever it is published.

07/05/2015 - Even more apologies!  Once again, we must apologize for lack of guest posting on the paranormal/supernatural topic.  We have decided we are being far too picky in choosing which stories to publish.  However, we will not compromise on quality.  We have gotten some great stories.  But, they are similar to other stories on this topic.  We will have to relent and publish some of these stories.  We admit we are having a rocky start to the new direction of this blog.  We will settle down and get oriented.  Thanks for your patience!

11/16/2015 - Long time coming!   As regular visitors have no doubt noticed, it was 6.5 months since we finally posted a new entry in our paranormal/supernatural niche.  There are a number of reasons as to why this happened.  Some people who I thought I could initially count upon, to help with this blog, decided they didn't want to help.  Sometimes, life gets in the way of your life.  I understand that.  Regardless, as with today, we have had two blog entries since October 26th.  Both are doing fabulously, I might add.  I will do my best to maintain this blog to the highest standards as possible.  Thank you all for your patience!

1/24/2016 - Next Paranormal Story Coming Soon!  Hope everyone had a great holiday season!  As indicated, we have another paranormal story coming very soon.  I have read the rough draft and, I must say, it scared the hell out of me!  Please check back to the site for our new story.  Better yet, why not subscribe to the Paranormal/Supernatural feed?  You can do that by clicking HERE. 

4/5/2016 - Happy Birthday!  Today is the Eighth Birthday of David's Musings!  Not many active blogs after eight years I wager!    

9/8/2016 -  Long Delay.  I sincerely apologize to our many readers of the Paranormal/Supernatural topic for such a long delay in only our second story of the year.  To make a long story short, I have had medical issues for the past several months that have not enabled me to dedicate the time necessary to go over the many entries to this topic.  I must also apologize to the many writers who have submitted entries.  When we took over this site, I had 9 other people who promised to assist me.  I am now the only person left to administer and do the other things necessary to provide what this site deserves.  Again, my apologies to all.  With that out of the way, look for the second story, "Legend of Slaughter Hill," this weekend.  Thank you all for your patience.

11/7/2016 - Newest Entry in Paranormal/Supernatural topic.  As many may notice, our latest entry, An Ominous Presence, is up and available for your reading pleasure.  This is one of the best thus far and reader hits are indicative of this.  We hope to have at least one more entry before year's end.

01/16/2017 - Next Entry on the Paranormal/Supernatural topic.  Expect the next entry sometime this week.  I've read the rough draft.  It's a good one!

03/07/2017 - New Time Slips Article Coming Soon!  We are excited to announce a new time slips article coming soon to David's Musings.  This is a joint collaboration between several staff editors and communications representatives on David's Musings.  The immensely popular "Time Slips" article that was posted by former owner and writer, David Weldy.  To date, this one article has over 90K in reader hits.  It is astounding!  Please look for this new time slips article either this weekend or the middle of next week!

04/09/2017New Guest Post Coming That Will Likely Be Controversial - We have a guest post coming (within the next 7-10 days or perhaps longer now) that will be thought-provoking and perhaps a bit even controversial.  It's really out there!  It had been rejected for publishing 5 different times.  Only after considerable debate among staff was it allowed to be published on this site.  So, be looking for this very long, and potentially controversial guest post soon! Also, while we are talking about controversial topics, we continue to get requests for links to previously published posts, some as old as 7 years ago.  This 9-year-old blog will not accept links even if it is related to the subject matter.  We just don't do it.  Please do not ask any longer.  Also, no addendum to previously published posts either.  If you will simply read our FAQ, you would not have to spend time inquiring about something that is prohibited on this site.  Thank you.

04/18/2017 - Delay for Posting of Controversial Story -  We are sorry to report that there will be a delay in posting of the story above that we mentioned could be controversial.  It appears the author refuses to edit two portions we have requested.  We the staff at David's Musings fully understand and realize the importance of getting a story told without censorship.  But, parts of the story mentioned are simply not in good taste and, quite frankly, we find the entire story beyond the realm of what this site is all about.  We still hope to publish this story within a couple of weeks.  But, there are two parts we simply cannot allow.  They are just ridiculous.  Personally, as we told the author, we find the entire article nonsense.  We originally voted to allow the article.  But, upon reading the final draft, we must concede the story, in its present form, cannot be allowed.  We will keep you up to date on this situation.  Tamara Connors, Assistant Editor, David's Musings. 

04/28/2017 - Above Controversial Story to be Posted THIS weekend!!! - We are pleased to announce that negotiations with the above author have been finalized and his post will finally appear this weekend, most likely Sunday night!  Please look for "Something Incredible - September 27, 2055" by Daniel E.  I never knew when myself and others took over this blog there would be negotiations on a post.  But, now I can say I've been there and done that!  We are very excited and pleased we can post this story! - Charlotte Hensley, Senior Staff Editor, David's Musings. 

05/10/2017 - Diary- Alone on Earth by JD Weldy - I would like to remind our visitors and subscribers that the former owner of this blog, author JD Weldy, has an outstanding apocalyptic novel in ebook format available for download at Amazon and other outlets.  I highly encourage you to check it out.  You get to read through the first few chapters free of charge.  I bought it and have read it 3 times!  But, I warn you, it is not for the faint of heart.  It is relatively expensive in comparison to other ebooks.  But, just the ending alone was worth the price.  Check it out HERE.

05/14/2017 - Answers to some emails received - We have received over 300 emails concerning the last post entitled, "Something Incredible -September 27, 2055."  That's about twice as many as we usually get in one month for the entire site. A couple of the questions....Is this for real?  We have mixed feelings on the entire post.  It was rejected 5 times before being finally accepted.  There are seven active staff members here at David's Musings. Three believed the author was serious.  But, four of us, including Charlotte Hensley, Senior Staff Editor, thought it was not and was just another provocative, sensationalist story not rooted in reality.  We finally agreed to post the story after two more revisions that we insisted upon.  We will have nothing more to say on this issue.  You, the readers, must determine the authenticity.  The most asked question was "Can I contact the author?"  The author refused to allow us to post his email address.  So, no need to ask any longer for his email address or some other form of contact.  We respect our authors' wishes.  Advertisers.  If your request to advertise on David's Musings was rejected, it was due to your site not being in compliance with our advertising policy.  Please read our FAQ and you will see why your site was rejected.  Finally, there will be another story on the Paranormal/Supernatural hopefully before the end of May.  The name is "The Witches of East Tennessee."  The possibility does exist that post will be delayed until June.

06/06/2017 - Back by popular demand!!! -  We have had many positive comments on our new niche, the Paranormal/Supernatural.  Not all have been positive.  But, the vast majority have been very positive and complimentary.  That said, one of the most requested series continuation and popular posts was the "Man in the Closet" series started by former David's Musings blog owner, JD Weldy.  Mr. Weldy originally slated it to be a five post series.  But, sometimes life gets in the way of life, as JD was known to say on occasion.  After much discussion, deliberation and pleading (begging, to be honest), JD has agreed to continue the series for at least one more blog post, perhaps even more if the next post is received as well as the first two in the series.  We don't know exactly when he will post again in this series since he is a very busy man these days.  When most people Mr. Weldy's age are enjoying retirement, Mr. Weldy is involved in at least 3 different business projects and additional literary work requested of him by publishers.  Those of you hammering us with emails requesting more posts in the "Man in the Closet" series can now stop!  LOL!  Stay turned.

06/16/2017 - Latest Advertisers - As I'm sure you have noticed, we have been trying a number of different advertisers.  We have pulled advertisers who violated our policy against porn, pharma, hate messages, and gambling.  If you notice any advertisements that come under any of the above violations, PLEASE use the contact form at the top of the page and let us know you see a violation.  In your email message, please list 1) ID number (if any) of the advertisement, 2) what violation it was (porn, gambling, pharma, gambling or hate messages), the approximate time you noticed it (if outside USA, please use GMT).  We would greatly appreciate your help in this.  We have fired 3 network advertisers just this week.  We are trying a new one that promises their ad campaigns do not violate our advertising policy.  We are all from Missouri right now on that one.  Again, please help us on this. [Tamara Sinclair, Staff Communication Specialist]

06/23/2017 - Sincere Apologies to our valued Visitors and Subscribers! - On behalf of the staff of David's Musings, we apologize for the advertiser that fed this site numerous popups earlier this week.  They were so severe that visitors were not able to read even one story.  For that, we offer our most sincere apologies.  Rest assured, that advertiser will never feed advertisements here again.  They promised us no adult advertisements.  They were honest about that.  But, we had no idea about the popups embedded in the script we used.  We will endeavor to make sure that all scripts are clean in the future.   Please give us another chance!  Thank you!  [Charlotte Hensley, Senior Staff Editor]

07/22/2017 - Submissions to the Paranormal/Supernatural topic temporarily suspended - Until further notice, all submissions to the Paranormal/Supernatural topic are suspended. Since about the first week in June, we have received over 600 submissions to this one topic.  We already had 274 in the queue to review.  So, if you do the math, you can see our problem.  We only have 6 (we normally have 7 people but one is on an indefinite leave of absence) active staff members here who do the work of reviewing, minimal editing and copyright checks.  We are inundated right now.  So, for the foreseeable future, there will be no further submissions accepted.  We apologize to those who have submitted since July 17th.  Your submissions will not be accepted at this time.  We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.  - [Chalandra Miller, Communications Assistant]

08/26/2017 - Man in the Closet - Part III At long last, JD Weldy, former blog owner and writer for David's Musings, will have his latest post in the "Man in the Closet" series available Monday, August 28, 2017!  We are extremely pleased to have finally gotten this latest part in that series for our avid readers who have asked many times for the third part.  You will get your wish next Monday, probably will be available before noon, CST.  [Erica Mosely, Associate Staff Editor]

09/04/2017 - Holiday schedule for David's Musings - No, we are not talking about today, Labor Day.  We are talking about the next couple of months and afterward.  We will have another story at the end of this month, one story the last week of October just in time for Halloween!  After that Halloween post, we are taking off the months of November and December.  Since we took over this blog in April of 2015, we have taken off no holidays due to the popularity of the paranormal/supernatural topic.  For that reason alone, it has been difficult to keep a fully operational staff that this blog needs.  Therefore, we are not only taking off two months but after today (Labor Day) we will also take off all U.S. holidays.  We feel we deserve it with not only just doing the story reviews, minimal editing and copyright checks of stories, but we also have to do all administrative duties for this blog.  Believe it or not, we all have real jobs and families in the real world.  Thank you for your understanding. ***On a different note.  We want to reiterate something that we get questioned about all the time in email.  We constantly are being asked if these stories that alleged to have happened to the authors are for real.  People want to know if they are true.  We are asked if they are just fiction.  The short answer, we don't know.  There is no way for us to be 100% sure.  We decide on the monthly story by a vote.  By that, we vote which is most intriguing, exciting and plausible.  Many may argue none are plausible.  That is your right to be skeptical.  But, we have to make a choice each month.  We hope you continue to enjoy the stories.  But, enjoy them with the knowledge that we cannot determine the authenticity of the stories.  To answer another question that keeps cropping up....NO, we will not give out contact details of each author.  That is part of our posting policy.  If the authors want their contact information revealed, then we will give it out in an email.  It will not be posted on the blog under any circumstances.  [[Charlotte Hensley, Senior Staff Editor]]

11/01/2017 - Notes Before The Holiday Season Starts As stated above, we will be taking off the entire months of November and December for some much needed rest.  You can read the update above for reasons why.  We tentatively have a guest post scheduled sometime between Christmas and New Year's Eve.  That may change to the first week in January 2018.  Submissions:  Since July 22, 2017, we have halted all submissions for guest posting articles on the paranormal/supernatural topic.  We have weeded the submissions down to just slightly  over 200 now.  So, we anticipate opening the submission process back sometime in February hopefully.  Man in the Closet series:  We had hoped to have the fourth in the series for Halloween.  Unfortunately, JD Weldy was unable to meet that schedule due to business conflicts.  He hopes to have the fourth in the series early next year.  We once again wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!
Tamara Connors, Assistant Editor, David's Musings. 

12/30/2017 - Delay in next story - We at David's Musings hope everyone has had a great holiday season thus far.  It is with a great deal of sadness we must report that there will be a delay in posting the next story in the Paranormal/Supernatural topic on this site.  It is unavoidable in terms of personal issues and real world conflicts of personnel for this site.  That said, the next story should be in the last week of January 2018.  We greatly regret this delay.  It appears we will start off 2018 on the wrong foot.  Please bear with us.
Erica Sanks, Communications Assistant, David's Musings.

01/30/2018 - Next story this week - We are pleased to report that the next story on the Paranormal/Supernatural topic will be this week!  The delay is two-fold.  One, as we reported last month, we are having personnel issues here.  We have high standards here at David's Musings.  Therefore, we miss out on a lot of advertising revenue because we refuse porn, gambling, pharma and other types of advertising that generate lots of money for sites that do accept it.  Our budget is tight and people don't want to work for nothing.  Two, one author refused a couple of edits we requested.  He refused, so we went to the next story we had in line for this month.  Thank your for your understanding.  Erica Sanks, Communications Assistant, David's Musings.

03/18/2018 - Reminder about links - We hope everyone had a terrific St. Patrick's Day yesterday.  I personally enjoyed the parade and perhaps indulged in a bit too much green beer.  But, that's what the day is all about!  On to business at hand...We continue to get requests about free links in previous posts.  Just yesterday we got another request from a blog whose niche is monetizing blogs.  They did inform us about a broken link on a page, which we appreciate.  But, then followed that up with a request for a free link back to their blog.  As we say in the greeting message on our CONTACT US page, no requests for links to previous posts or addendums to previous posts will ever be considered.  It's just another policy deviation we have from the previous owner of this blog.  We appreciate the numerous requests in the regard that you think so highly of this site.  But, it is against policy for us to do this.  Google still goes after sites that have links which have nothing to do with the niche of that particular site.  So, if you wish to continue wasting your time requesting links, be our guest.  But, we will not respond to them.  New Item...As stated on our last guest post (Strange and Unusual Stories) we are once again taking new submissions for stories as of March 15th.  We remind authors that you must give a brief (50 words or less) synopsis of what your story is about when making a submission.  If you do not give us that brief synopsis, your submission is immediately eliminated.  Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. [Tamara Sinclair, Staff Communication Specialist]

04/29/2018 - No Story For This Month - Unfortunately, there will not be a story for this month of April.  Due to a sudden change of heart to the author refusing edits (which we reserve the right to  insist upon), we are left without a story to publish for this month.  This author will never be given the opportunity to publish on this site again as a result of this.  This was a last minute decision by the author and put us in the spot to scramble to get a replacement.  But, our standards are high for this site.  The stories submitted to us this month of April were not unique and were more of the same of other stories.  But, that was not the main reason for no story for April.  We warn authors that we reserve the right to edit stories.  If they do not agree to the edits, then the story will not be published,  It's that simple.  We are most regretful to our readers that are faithful in coming to our site.  To you, we sincerely apologize.  This will never happen again.  [[Charlotte Hensley, Senior Staff Editor]]

07/21/2018 - Story Later Tonight - There will finally be another story after such a long time.  That's the good news.  The bad news is that this site will be publishing 6-9 new stories a year as opposed to one every month.  I'm not going into all of the reasons why.  The main reason is that I am now sole owner of David's Musings.  The other owners wanted to change the rules on what warrants publishing a story on this site.  I refused and exercised my rights as majority owner.  The other employees also left.  Therefore, I am on my own in administration of this site.  This includes editing and approval of stories that are submitted.  Speaking of which, if you submit a story and you do not hear anything back, it's because I could not use your story at this time.  I simply don't have time to address each concern of authors now that I am alone.  Long story short, if you don't see a new story each month, you know the reason now.  I encourage readers to continue their visiting of this site.  I will eventually get new help.  But, they will have to be volunteers.  People don't like working for free.  So, this will probably take a while.  I will continue to provide updates here.  Thank you for your understanding.  [[Charlotte Hensley, Senior Staff Editor]]

07/11/2019 - New Management and A New Story - First, let me introduce myself.  My name is Wanda Newly, the new Senior Staff Editor and part owner of David's Musings.  After some tough negotiations (aided by former original owner, David Weldy), we were able to purchase this site from the former owners, led by Charlotte Hensley.  I will not go into all the reasons this site basically shutdown posting on the paranormal/supernatural topic.  Suffice it to say, sometimes people let their own agendas get in the way of what's best for the majority, the readers of this site.  Myself, along with Laura Michaels and five other people, will be responsible for the the site from now on.  This blog is now over 11 years old! It' a year older than my youngest child.  David Weldy will remain in a non-paid advisory role which is the way he wants it.  We are so happy to start this blog back up!  Our mission is to make you, the visitor and reader, our primary purpose.  We leave our egos outside this site.  That was a promise I demanded from the other six people who will provide administration and editing for this site.  With that out of the way, I am pleased to announce the first story in a year will be published this weekend.  The author has promised me no later than 6 PM CDT Sunday.  Please look for it.  I do not have the title as of right now.  As for submissions, when we took over, there were over 400 submissions for the paranormal/supernatural topic.  I have tried to contact several and have not heard from them.  So, at this time, we will not be accepting any submissions until further notice.  We apologize to those who never heard back from the previous owners and editors.  Let us now forget the past and look forward to the future.  Again, we are so glad and very happy to once again provide the support this site needs under new management and leadership.  [[Wanda Newly, Senior Staff Editor - Part-Owner]]

07/22/2019 - Apologies! - As you no doubt have noticed, our new story as new management did not publish 11 days ago.  The author has had a death in the family and was unable to finish in time.  Therefore we will go to the next author in the lineup.  Expect that story this weekend!  Thank you for your patience and understand.  [[Wanda Newly, Senior Staff Editor - Part-Owner]]

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