Advertising and Guest Posting

We prefer to charge a flat rate for advertising space.  This eliminates our overhead as in contrast to cost per clicks (CPC) or cost per impressions (CPM).  This, in turn, helps drive down cost for our advertisers.  Ads above the fold will cost approximately 50% more than below the fold.  For now, our flat rate (side bar) price ads for above the fold advertising is $25 a month.  Below the fold is $15 a month.  Ad space is limited for above the fold advertising.  We accept PayPal only (see below).

The largest banner we will accept is 250x250.  We will not consider skyscraper or leaderboard advertisements unless you make us a significant offer.  Leaderboard and skyscraper advertising takes up a lot of ad space.

Monthly Pricing

Guest Posting - Guest posting is $100 per article.  Unless you renew after 12 months, the article will be deleted.  Renewal cost is $50. Please contact us if you have any further questions.

**We have been asked to explain above the fold and below the fold.   Imagine you have a newspaper in front of you.  It is folded in half.  You have the top front of the page, the fold itself and the bottom front of the page.  That is what we are talking about when we say the "fold" in a web site.  The center of the front page of the web site is the "fold."  The top and bottom of the fold are how we determine our cost. The top half of the fold always gets more "eye view" as it is the first thing people see when visiting a website. Thus, it cost more to advertise on the top of the fold.

**We have been asked about text advertising.  While we prefer banners of 250x250, we will accept text advertising as long as it is not over 40 words.  Single letters such as "a" count as a word.  The price structure is the same as for banners.

David's Musings has been in existence since April 5, 2008.  Visitors are between 200K to 250K a month.  Unique visitors number between 50K to 60K a month.  Discussion centers around the topic of the paranormal/supernatural. No other topic is discussed.   David's Musings is a family oriented blog.  Absolutely no porn, gambling, pharma or hate advertising will be accepted under any conditions. 

If you wish to contact us for any reason, please fill out contact form below.  SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY, PLEASE.  Place David's Musings in subject line.  Thank you.

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