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Welcome to  David's Musings! We are excited about the direction of this old blog (est. April 5, 2008).  JD Weldy is the former chief blog owner of this blog.  He now works in a part-time consulting capacity.  The direction of this blog is on the subject of the paranormal/supernatural.  These stories have been a major success insofar as reader hits.  Unlike previous years, this blog now has a niche.  That niche, of course, is true or allegedly true stories of the paranormal/supernatural.  No other topic will be allowed on David's Musings without a cost.

We appreciate any comments and/or suggestions you wish to make of the stories shared on this blog.  As long as they are not trolling, spammy or vulgar, comments are welcomed.  If you wish to contact us for any reason, use the contact us form at the top of this blog.  Please carefully read the greeting message before you contact us.  Guest posting is not allowed on any other topic unless you are willing to pay for that privilege.  That is one more rule change concerning this blog's new ownership.

Advertising is still being accepted!  Please click the "Contact Us" button at the top for more details. Please read our FAQ before inquiring about advertising on this site.  Once again, welcome to David's Musings!


Wanda Newly, Senior Staff Editor, David's Musings


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