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Once again, we are going to take a break from guest posting.  We are starting a new series entitled, "Strange and Unusual Stories."  Now, for the most part, these stories will have a paranormal/supernatural slant to them.  But, not all of them.  After some discussion, we thought things were getting a bit stale around here.  So, the reason for this new series is to kick things up a bit.  Our page views are above normal and the hits keep coming.  So, it has nothing to do with traffic.  We thought this new series would prove to be entertaining.  

***We would like to thank all the people who have sent in submissions for publishing on this site.  We stopped accepting submissions last July due to being overwhelmed by the sheer number of submissions.  We just got far more submissions than we had even remotely anticipated.  Our staff is back up to seven after being at five for so long.  That will help when we start back accepting new submissions.  To those of you who submitted stories, if you have not heard from us, it is because your submission was not accepted.  Please do not be discouraged by this.  We take only one story a month out of the hundreds we sort through each month.  That is no exaggeration when I say hundreds We can only do a minimal reading of each story.  That is why it is so very important for you to give a brief synopsis of your story.  Many do not do this.  Those stories are immediately eliminated.  We have no choice.  We can't read each story completely.  It is up to you to sell your story to us.  Submissions for new stories will be once again accepted starting March 15, 2018.  Thank you for your patience and enjoy this new series.

Marcia McIntyre, Assistant Staff Editor, David's Musings 


 An Intrusive Spirit - A ghost at a dorm room at a major university in the South knocks on the doors to closets, bathroom, and even turns the T.V. and lights out....while in the presence of the dorm rats who live there. The ghost has made no threatening moves toward the inhabitants.  But, as you can imagine, it's quite alarming to have your bottle of beer turned over at the kitchen table by an unseen force.  "We have contacted administration officials about this, all to no avail.  We are told we are just "homesick." We have had priests, ghost hunters, and even exorcists over to get rid of whatever is haunting our dorm room," said one history major. Apparently, nothing is working.  The legend is that back in the 50s, a freshman coed committed suicide when receiving a C in her Statistics class.  Regardless, the entity refuses to leave.  This room is plagued by constant water running down the walls as if they were tears.  Turnover for this room is quite high as you can imagine.

Beacon of Light - A home in the eastern part of Colorado has a very unusual and, quite possibly, "out of this world" notoriety.  UFOs are known to make appearances in Colorado with increasing frequency.  Since 1988, a light with the intensity of at least 20,000 watts makes an appearance from the sky on top of a house at 12:21 AM, July 21st, every three years. The light burst lasts from five to ten seconds.  Officials have been unable at military bases, NASA or any other government agency, to locate a logical source where the light originates from in the sky.  "We think the light originates from a point approximately 500 to 800 miles from Earth.  Earth and Space separate at about 500 miles.  So, it's not some sort of anomaly that transcends itself at that point," said one source.  No UFOs of any type have been seen hovering in this vicinity since this light source started 30 years ago.  The next light appearance is expected this July 21 and, once again, at 12:21 AM.  The house is now abandoned.

Dark Waters - In Rota, Spain, dark patches in the water that fluctuate from 500 feet to as much as 1000 feet have been seen about five miles off the coast from commercial fisherman and Naval ships that come into port.  The first known sighting was made by a fisherman in 1898.  Since that time, these sightings of the dark patches have increased over the years.  There are two constants when these dark patches appear.  One, they always seem to appear about mid-August and appear from ten to fourteen days. Two, fish jump out of the water near these patches and, sometimes, into the waiting fishing trawlers.  "It's almost as if the fish are terrified by a predator.  But, I've never seen so many fish jump out of the water and all at once," said a commercial fisherman.  Scientists say the patches are nothing more than seaweed or concentrations of fish.  No seaweed has ever been found near the dark patches and the fish, as stated, always stay away from the dark patches.

Time In A Bottle - In 1858, a commercial ship from Portugal encountered a strong typhoon in the South China Sea.  Aboard that ship was a navigator by the name of Rodrigo Costa.  Rodrigo had a bottle with a cork he had planned on tossing out to sea when they docked at their destination, The Phillippines. But, it appeared they would never reach port at Manila.  The waves were enough to throw men out of the ship and to their deaths in the violent storm.  When Rodrigo came out of the cabin to help to save the ship, he put his note in the bottle, put a cork in it and threw it out to sea.  The ship and all hands aboard perished.  In 1889, ten-year-old João Acosta was playing near the water in Angra do Heroísmo, Portugal.  He saw something shiny in the water and waded out to see what it was.  He could tell it was an old bottle, but there was a note inside that appeared to be dry.  It took ten-year-old João some time to pry open the cork.  But, he did it.  He pulled out the note, that was in Portuguese, and was able to read the note: Toda a esperanca esta perdida, Rodrigo Costa. It meant, in English, All hope is lost, Rodrigo Costa. You guessed it, Rodrigo was the grandfather of ten-year-old Joao Acosta.

The R's Have It - In the northern part of West Virginia, there is a sighting of a man that appears each month with the letter "R" in it.  His first noted appearance was in October of 1938.  It is usually at dusk when he is seen and the man appears distraught or worried.  People have tried to approach him over the years, but he turns and runs or just disappears from sight.  He doesn't appear each year according to locals.  From 1961 to 1964, the man was not sighted.  He does not appear each day in the months with "R" in them.  There is no constant to his appearances other than that they appear in the months of September, October, November, and December.  Police say it is the time of dusk playing tricks on the eyes of people.  But, people in the community say he appears to be real, while others say he is an apparition of a man long ago dead who has not gone to the other side.

Long Distance Call - In 2013, John Daniels was ready to throw his recently purchased Android smartphone against the wall in his small apartment in the state of Washington.  He was continually getting a call from "private number."  Whenever he answered, all he could hear was muffled noises in the background, and clicking on his phone.  Then the caller would hang up.  This had been going on since he bought the remanufactured phone at a cut-rate price from a major carrier.  After a week of this, John decided he'd had enough.  Thinking there was a problem with his coverage area or the phone itself, he took the phone back to the store.  The store employees checked out the phone and stated there was nothing wrong with the phone.  He was told to save the information the next time he receives another phone call.  It was from a private number, so there was nothing to really save.  On his way back home, John received another call.  He pulled over, answered the phone again (against the advice of the carrier employees). He demanded to know who was calling him, who was harassing him so much.....

"Tin....man....tin....man," the voice replied. Thinking this was some kind of "Wizard of Oz" routine,  John was beyond furious.  He cussed out the caller and said he was going to report him to the police.  And John did just that.  With the help of the carrier, police were able to place a tracking device on the phone.  John used a loaner from the carrier and waited for results.  Police called him and told them they had information for him.  They asked him to meet them at the store of the major carrier where he bought the phone.  Thinking that odd, John met police and a technical representative from the carrier at the store.  John was told they had located where the call was being made.  The call was being made from Greely Memorial Gardens, a local cemetery.  All employees were questioned. None were suspected after being questioned by police. The police also had one other thing to tell John; the previous owner of his phone was buried at this cemetery three months ago.  His name?  Arthur J. Tinneman.  

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