Man in the Closet - Part III

Man in the Closet - Part II

This man should not need any introduction to the many who have followed this blog since its inception in April of 2008.  JD Weldy is the former owner and writer for "David's Musings."  JD has one novel in ebook format (Diary:  Alone on Earth).  He is compiling other short stories and novellas that he says will be available on Amazon before Christmas.  He is involved with many other writing projects involving a couple of publishers.  JD teaches a Creative Writing class at a local community college in his spare time.  He is one of the more highly regarded bloggers/writers among the online community.  Please join me in welcoming "home" JD Weldy as our guest poster on the Paranormal/Supernatural topic.

[Charlotte Hensley, Senior Staff Editor, David's Musings]

  If you have a story to share relating to the paranormal/supernatural, click HERE for details.  Also, to answer many questions, there is no charge for guest posting on the topic of the paranormal/supernatural.

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