NDE - My Near Death Experience

Today we are pleased to welcome Carl Young as the guest poster on the topic of the Paranormal/Supernatural.  Carl is an automotive mechanic/owner in the state of Nebraska.  Born and raised in Grand Island, Carl and his wife, Joan, have three boys and one girl. Carl and Joan have been married 32 years.  All three boys are on their own with one son and daughter-in-law who are expecting their first child, Carl and Joan's first grandchild. The youngest, Marcia, is a freshman at the University of Colorado.  Carl and Joan work with charities that support homeless children in the area.  Carl has received several community awards for his service for those at the poverty level in the Cornhusker state.  Carl has also written a book entitled, "From Life To Death To Life."   

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I can't put into words how shocked I am that my story was chosen for the "Story of the Month" in the Supernatural topic of this site.  I am both amazed and honored based on the amazing stories that are already published and the numbers submitted here each month. I'm just as shocked how my rather mundane life changed one sunny Monday morning as I was driving to work.  With that said, I will begin my story...

It was just an ordinary Monday morning in August of 2010.  You know how it is on Monday, dreading another long work week and all the hell that awaits you at your place of business.  I was thinking of that as I sat at a traffic light waiting for the light to change to green.  I remember feeling like I had indigestion, heartburn all of a sudden.  I love scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast, lunch or even dinner.  I was thinking I had too much to eat when I clutched my chest.  It felt like a damn elephant had jumped on my chest.  I heard horns blowing from cars behind me for not moving.  But, I could not move.  I reached for my cellphone and it was like everything around me started swirling and turned dark as midnight.  I must have lost consciousness.  I said I lost consciousness because I suddenly found myself inside of a mildly lit room. I was no longer inside my new 2011 Lincoln Navigator.  In this room, there was one table and one straight-back chair of which I was sitting in at the moment.  The pain in my chest was gone.  It was as real to me, at that time, as this laptop computer I am typing on is real to me.  I could touch the table.  It was made of some kind of cheap particle board.  The chair I found myself sitting in was old and creaky.  I thought it might collapse under my 240lbs.  I was completely stunned, shocked and anything else you wanted to use to describe how I felt at that time.  The last thing I remember was reaching for my cellphone to call 911 because I thought I was having a heart attack.  My next thought was that I was dead. Do dead men think? This couldn't be real. Then my next thought was this is what death is all about.  You don't know what death is like since you only experience it one time (or so I thought at the time).  If this is death, am I in hell?  Is this my hell?  To sit in a dimly lit room for the rest of eternity?

[To be clear, the rest of my story is to the best of my recollection of events.  I'm absolutely positive of 85-90% of the conversations and events as they took place.]

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