The Ghost Under The Bridge

Today we are pleased to welcome Marcia Owens-Ward as our guest poster on the Paranormal/Supernatural topic.   Marcia is a retired schoolteacher from West Virginia.  She and her husband, Arnold, likewise a retired schoolteacher, now reside in the Tarpon Springs, Florida area.  Although Marcia and Arnold have no children, they do have three Golden Retrievers named Dolly, Mabel and, the only male of the trio, Abel.  They have one cat named Kida who brings tons of laughs each and every day.  Marcia's hobbies consist of gardening, reading, writing and maintaining a retired schoolteacher blog online.  She and her husband work for various charities on weekends.

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To begin, I wish to thank the staff and editors of David's Musings for choosing my story out of the dozens or perhaps hundreds that are submitted to them each month.  My story is rather tame by comparison to some I have read here (shudder!).   But, for whatever reason, they liked mine over all the others for the story of the month.  Thanks again to Nancy, Tamara and, of course, Staff Editor, Charlotte Hensley.  Now, I begin my story.....

I lived in the Mountaineer State (West Virginia to the less informed) all of my childhood and into my adult life until my retirement from the West Virgina School System in 2002.  Like a lot of retirees, my husband and I moved to Florida for the sun, sandy beaches and wonderful diverse cultures we found here.  We love it.  But, nothing will ever take my heart like my home state of West Virginia.  I have so many wonderful memories of my childhood and as an adult.  We lived in the north-central part of West Virginia.  We faced many hardships during my childhood like so many people in my home state.  The poverty level in West Virginia, especially those near the Appalachian Mountains, was as bad as any third-world country.  But, we managed to survive in spite of the many hardships.  My dad did carpentry work and different odd jobs when he could find it.  My mother, in addition to taking care of 5 children and an alcoholic husband,  took in laundry from other people near town.  It was a hard life.  At times, we didn't know if we would have food on the table.  All this hardship made me and my siblings invent make-believe games to provide a temporary escape from the brutal, grinding poverty we found ourselves immersed every day of our lives.

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