UFO At Dolphin Lake

Today we are pleased to have Mr. Robert Simmons as guest poster on the paranormal/supernatural topic.  Robert is a father of 5 children and numerous grandchildren.  He is married to Martha Simmons.  The couple celebrates their 40th wedding anniversary in August of this year.  Robert is a retired building contractor/business owner.  Both Robert and Martha have lived their entire lives in the Southwestern part of the United States. His hobbies include fishing, hunting, skeet shooting, golf and playing with his grandchildren.  Robert and Martha enjoy helping out at their local Catholic church.  They both are active in the food bank program of their church.

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I begin my story by explaining the title.  When I was a small boy, my family and I lived in a remote part of New Mexico.  Hell, what am I saying?  Just about all of New Mexico is remote!  Anyway, we lived near a place the locals referred to as "Dolphin Lake."  No, the saltwater cetacean mammals could not exist in the freshwater of Dolphin Lake. There is a legend of fishermen finding two dolphins swimming in the lake in the 1890s.  There is absolutely no way they could have lived for long in freshwater.  To begin, how in the hell did the dolphins get there in the first place?  Total nonsense.  But, my story is not about that silly old legend.  This story is what my late father and I witnessed at Dolphin Lake in September of 1962.  

My father and I loved to go fishing at Dolphin Lake more than anything else in the world.  There was not much to do in New Mexico in the year 1962.  We had three network television channels.  We had the annual parades of July 4th and other holidays such as Christmas.   But, not much in between.  So, fishing and hunting were the chosen hobbies of most men and boys.  School was about to start for me as I was to enter the 5th grade.  Dad asked me if I wanted to go for one more fishing trip.  Of course, I immediately started packing my gear.  I knew what he meant.  We would leave early Saturday on that first day of September in 1962.  We would camp out, eat what fish we caught and just enjoy life in general.  We were both so excited that after we got the old 1954 Ford truck loaded, my dad realized he had left the keys on the dining room table.  We were ready to drive the 10 miles or so that early Saturday morning. Going fishing with my dad gives me goosebumps just thinking about it now as 63-year old man.

We got to the lake about 6:30 that morning.  We immediately started unpacking our gear from the truck.  The tent came first, followed by our long boots since we liked wading out into the water of the lake.  Everything was unpacked within about 15 minutes.  After the tent was up, we got our fishing gear and walked out to the lake. Fishing is the most relaxing, fun sport God ever allowed Man to enjoy.  I still fish 3 or 4 times a week.  But, nothing can ever equal the fun I enjoyed fishing with my dad.  We had been fishing for about 3 hours before we caught our first fish.  I caught a 2lb White Bass!  Before we broke for lunch, we had caught about 3 fish altogether.  Not the kind of last fishing day of summer vacation we were looking to have.  After we secured the fish on a fishing line in the water, we broke out the sandwiches Mom has prepared for us that day.  It was as I took my first bite into my P&J sandwich I heard the first "WOOP" noise that day.  Dad looked over at me and said, "Did you hear that Robert?"  I told him I did and asked what it was.  "I don't know.  Let's take a look over at that small clump of trees where it came from, I believe," Dad said to me.  There was a small cluster of trees about 500 feet from us.  Dad always brought a 30.06 with him just in case of any predators.  He brought that rifle with him as we walked over to the trees.

We got to the trees and saw a yellowish looking substance.  It had the smell of "burning rubber."  It was a very strong smell.  Neither one of us had any idea of what this was or how it got there.  "I don't know what this is.  But, I'll be sure to mention to someone at the Park Ranger Station on the way back home in the morning", Dad said to me.  Not knowing what else to do, we headed back to camp.  We had almost made it to camp when we heard the "WOOP" again, only it was louder this time.  My father whirled around with the rifle.  He was unnerved now and so was I.  We stood there a good 5 minutes just more than a bit scared.  My father was now uncomfortable staying in this area.  These were two unnatural sounds and we had no idea what they could have been.  "Maybe we should just head on home, Rob.  We caught enough fish for a good dinner."  I was beside myself!  I told him it was probably just a large eagle flying low, or maybe a plane broke the sound barrier or something!!!  I did not want to miss out on camping out under the stars!  After a few minutes of pleading, my father gave in to me.  But, we were to leave before the sun even come up in the morning.  Pacified now, I got my rod and reel to fish some more.  

We caught a total of 5 fish that day.  That's not a normal day for fishing at Dolphin Lake.  We had enough to eat.  But, most were about a quarter-pound or less.  We were stuffed to the gills (pardon the pun) when dad cracked open his whiskey flask to take a couple of drinks to smooth out the day.  I could tell he was still on edge with the WOOP noises we heard earlier in the day.  My father was always a practical man.  If he couldn't figure out something, he got more and more nervous about it.  It was the not knowing that made him all the more nervous.  

It was about 9PM as Dad and I were laying back looking at the stars.  I remember seeing a couple of "falling stars" in the sky.  We talked wistfully about how times were changing.  Dad talked about the Telstar satellites that could relay television signals and telephone calls through space.  Times were indeed changing, my father said.  Suddenly, an incredibly, LOUD WOOP erupted just to the west of us near a mountain range.  There was a very large shining light about half a mile up in the sky.  The light was like a small sun that started getting dimmer as the light descended toward the ground.  Dad grabbed the rifle and told me to stay behind him.  We were going to see what this was, once and for all!  I was scared and I could tell Dad was scared also.  But, we were determined to see what this was that was causing the huge WOOP noise.  We walked under the half-moon lit night at a steady pace.  We must have walked at least a mile when we came upon the light that had substantially diminished in brightness.  This was some kind of spaceship that we were looking at now.  It was a huge disc, saucer shaped object that appeared to be hovering about 5 feet from the ground.  It had yet to land.  From the top base to the bottom it appeared to be about 20 feet high and approximately 70-80 feet in diameter.  It was a huge vehicle that made no sound except for a slight hissing noise that was just barely perceptible.   We laid in the grass behind some thick bushes watching this thing.  Dad and I barely spoke to each other.  We were both scared.  But, we simply couldn't find it in ourselves to leave.  

The spaceship finally landed with a very slight thud.  All the lights within the spaceship were then turned off.  My dad was looking at it through the scope on his rifle.  It was difficult to see now with a half-moon and total darkness from the spaceship.  We laid there and waited about 10 minutes before something happened.  A large rectangle opened up and the outside lights of the ship suddenly came on.  We waited for another 10 minutes before the "beings" came forth.  At first, there were two that came out.  They appeared no taller than 3 feet high with what passed for arms and legs for them.  But, in less than a minute that changed.  They slowly expanded to a height of about 7 feet tall, with their arms and legs growing into the approximate range with someone being that tall.  This was nothing short of amazing.  I whispered to my dad, I want to go home!  Dad acted like he didn't even notice me.  My father couldn't take his eyes off this amazing sight.  These beings seemed to communicate with their fingers by touching each other.  Dad said they had these little suction cups (not unlike what an octopus has) that seemed to attach to each other.  Their skin texture was like a grayish wet cement is what my father described later on that night.  Suddenly two more of these beings appeared from the opening.  There was no structure for them to walk down.  Instead they seemed to just "glide" down to the ground.  They too were about 3 feet high then "grew" to approximately 7 feet tall.  

I was concerned about my father now.  He didn't respond or barely responded to my pleas to leave.  I made my last plea a little too loud.  This caught the attention of these "illegal aliens."  They turned their attention to the bushes that we were hiding behind.  I must admit to you now, I peed a little bit on myself.  I bet my dad did too.  I heard my dad swallow hard as one alien pointed in our direction.  They all 4 looked toward us.  We were waiting for them to come to us and possibly abduct us.  But, all they did was stare toward us.  There have been times I have been scared out of my wits.  Many times I faced death in Vietnam.  I lost my youngest daughter in a department store once, for about a half-hour, and almost had a heart attack.  But, nothing has scared me more in my lifetime than these alien beings staring toward us as if they could see through the thick bushes where we lay.  Suddenly, a bright light came on from the rectangular opening.  It was like a strobe light that lasted just a few seconds.  All the alien beings looked toward it now (thankfully).  Then...something remarkable happened.  A young elk buck, the kind that are too small to shoot during hunting season, came forth from the spaceship.  It too just glided down without walking.  All the beings walked over to this young buck.  Then, 2 more young elk buck came down.  Then 3 more elk buck came down for a total of 6 young elk buck.  They were all just motionless, not even blinking an eye.  These alien beings stood over them for about 5 minutes more before they glided back up to the spaceship.

Shortly after getting back aboard the spaceship, this UFO slowly ascended with the light from the ship growing with intensity.  Once it got about a half-mile in the sky, it simply vanished.  It didn't take off fast.  It just vanished without any kind of vapor trail or anything.  There was no noise at all.  Dad told me to wait before we got up.  He thought it might be a trap.  The young elk were still there gathered together.  That was very strange.  After about 5 minutes, we both stood up and walked over to the elk.  They didn't run or even acknowledge our presence.  I even petted one on the head.  What came from his fur was a waxy substance that scared me.  The elk stood there for a few more minutes.  Then, it was like they woke up from a deep slumber to realize where they were.  They all bolted like elk will do when spooked by a potential predator.  They all disappeared into the dark night.  

Dad and I stood there, trying to comprehend what we had just witnessed, before we headed back to camp.  He started immediately taking down our tent to leave once we made it back to camp.  I didn't protest, I didn't plead with him to stay this time.  We gathered up everything into the truck and headed home.  It was just after 10:30PM when we were on the road toward home.  Of course, my mother would want to know why we were home so early, did anything happen.  Dad prepared me for that.  He told me not to repeat anything that we saw or heard that night.  Not ever!  Of course, mother was a bit frantic when we got home.  She thought something was wrong with us.  Dad just told her that the fish weren't biting and we decided to head home.  Mom didn't find out the truth until many years later.  She never believed us.  In fact, only one person ever believed our story; a UFO expert who lived in Santa Fe, NM.  He said our story was similar to two other stories he heard that year.  Ironically, in 1962 there was a mysterious death plague among elk that year.  Game officials could not find any disease, man-made substances or mass starvation of any kind to cause the deaths of so many elk.  They never found out why over 200 elk just started dying off in just two weeks.  Something similar to this happened again in 2013.  I'm pretty sure I know what happened.  I suspect whatever experiments the aliens conducted on these young elk bucks, caused a unidentifiable contagion that led to so many deaths back in 1962.  Perhaps the same thing happened in 2013. As in 1962, no one can determine what caused so many elk to quickly die off two years ago.  

We did report the yellow substance with the smell of burning rubber to the game warden the next day.  They came out, investigated it and found it to be "moderately radioactive."  They marked it down as "Undetermined in origin" and left it at that.  I now believe it was waste from the alien spaceship.  In my non-scientific opinion, we are a waste dumping ground and experimental lab for these aliens from far away.  Whatever these visitations are, from all the reports of UFOs over the years, I do not view these alien beings as being benevolent in nature.  My dad believed that until he died.  I believe it also.  I was the only one dad could discuss this story with until the day he died back in 1974.  How many world diseases are a result of experimentation by alien beings on people and wildlife on this planet?  I guess I will never know.  This is just conjecture on my part, of course.  But, someday, I hope I am around when someone in the scientific community has the courage to state that some unexplained diseases we experience have to be from outside the safe confines of earth.  

My dad and I continued to visit Dolphin Lake and fish without any further incident from a UFO.  The yellow substance that we saw disappeared shortly after game wardens visited that area.  But, grass did not start to grow back there until the late 80s.  I sometimes go back to Dolphin Lake, not to necessarily fish, but to think back to that night.  And to think of my father.  I think of the great times we had and continued to have until his death. But, the events of September 1, 1962 will be with me until I also pass from this life.  I appreciate the staff and writers of this blog for allowing me to share my story. 

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All Things Come To An End

For all intents and purposes, this is my last post on David's Musings.  It was difficult to even type that one sentence. After 7 years, this is my final post on this blog.  Consider that the average blog lasts just 3 months....and consider this blog celebrated its 7th birthday on April 5th.  That is an incredible achievement even if I do say so myself.  Now, also add in this blog just recently had over 1000 posts and this little blog is something for which I can always be proud.  And I am proud.  I always will be proud of David's Musings.  It's never been about making money here (although a little income is nice off of your work).  I even had two people inquire about buying this blog from me for a price I won't reveal.  As long as I have money to pay bills and buy food, I'm happy.  So, starting this blog wasn't about making money as so many others have tried to do.  Oh, I had Google Adsense, off and on, for the first couple of years.  I made enough to buy a cup of coffee each month at McDonalds.  That's about it. This blog has been a joy to do over the past 7 years.  I've had surprises like you wouldn't believe.  Met so many wonderful people, I feel it an injustice to start naming names.  So, I won't name any names.  I'll just say a heartfelt thank you to each one of you. 

I encourage regular visitors to continue visiting this blog.  There are over a 1000 posts you can choose to read from.  Just type in any topic of interest in the top right search bar to see what pops up.  However, there will be no further regular posts unless it is a staff post concerning the blog itself from time to time.  There WILL be guest posts in the paranormal/supernatural topic.  I encourage all regular subscribers to now subscribe to this topic by clicking HERE.  If you go the email route in subscriptions, you will only get one email whenever an article on the paranormal topic is posted.  These will be guest posts from people who have had some type of experience in the paranormal/supernatural.  So, I highly encourage you to subscribe NOW.  You can still get questions answered by clicking on the "contact" form at the top of this blog.  A staff member will get back to you as soon as possible. Also, even though this blog will mostly be inactive (save for one or two paranormal guest posts a month), we are still accepting advertising proposals.  There are still over 1000 posts here in a 7+ year old blog.  Although I will remain as a blog owner, any advertising profits will go to the staff, writers and guest posters of David's Musings.  That is not only part of the agreement, but it's the right thing to do.

I've written my thoughts on the future of blogging many times before.  But, the art of blogging, as it once was in the early 2000s, will probably never be seen again.  So many blogs on blogger are abandoned, defunct now.  This one is going to continue on albeit with just a couple of paranormal guest posts a month.   This blog is among the few that has endured the test of time, patience and fortitude of being successful.  Many people define a successful blog by the number of comments.  Comments are nice.  But, they are not the end all, be all of defining success.  If your blog lasts over 7 years and has over 1000 posts, it can not be looked upon as a failure by any definition you wish to use for "successful."  So, David's Musings is a successful blog.  If you wish to characterize it as a failure due to lack of comments, that's your prerogative to do so.  But, make sure you mention 7 years and 1000 posts when you try to characterize this blog.  That is an achievement that few can equal or surpass.

As for me, I will continue my retirement blog (The Retired Baby Boomer) for the foreseeable future.  That is a blog with a bunch of comments from retirees and future retirees.  But, you can't say it is a success because it is only about 10 months old.  That is still better than the 3-6 month lifespan of the average blog.  But, it has less than 100 posts.  I doubt that blog will ever have even half as many as this one.  I will continue to post there as long as I feel it is useful to the individuals who regularly ask for help, support and advice.  So, to David's Musings, the staff, writers, past and future guest posters, visitors, and subscribers, I say farewell to you all.  It has been a wonderful, rich fulfilling ride.  I must now do as General Douglas MacArthur did in describing old soldiers and just fade away......

JD Weldy


The 7th Anniversary Post

Yes, here it is!  The 7th anniversary post for David's Musings.  Sadly, this will be the last time that I personally mark another anniversary for this blog.  I have no idea what the current staff will do in the future when April 5th rolls around each year.  It's a mixed feeling as I write up this blog post. It seems so long ago, much longer than 7 years, when I started this blog on April 5, 2008.  I honestly felt that this blog would get shutdown some day.  But, that will not be the case as this blog will continue on, albeit in a mostly dormant state.  Except for the one or two monthly paranormal guest postings and staff blog posts, this blog will not have any new posts.  I wish this blog and the current owner and staff the very best of success in whatever which way they wish to go.  I will remain as a blog owner.  But, I will no longer have discretionary posts of my choosing.  This blog is a mighty little blog.  It has withstood the test of time.  Not many blogs are still around from the day this one started on April 5, 2008.  But, David's Musings is still around and kicking.

As I have said before on previous posts this year, I hope people continue to visit and subscribe to this blog.  Please subscribe to the paranormal/supernatural topic by clicking HERE.  These are wildly popular stories and judging by the reader hits, these topics are going to continue to grow in popularity. Do yourself a big favor and subscribe by email rather than by feed reader.  In closing, I have enjoyed this little blog.  Even though I will not be around for the 8th anniversary, I will come by to visit and say hello to my old friend, David's Musings.

Editor's Note:   The final post from JD Weldy, his farewell post, will be Tuesday morning, April 7th, 2015.  

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