The Last Full Month of This Blog

Today is March 2, 2015.  This marks the beginning of the end of this blog.  We start our final month as active participants on David's Musings.  It's hard to believe at times.  But, the decision is final.  After nearly 7 years and soon to be 1000 posts, we are reaching the finish line for this old blog.  Active participation by me, JD Weldy, will come to an end next month.  An agreement was reached with blog staff and one other blog owner on this decision.  This blog will have guest posts once or twice monthly on the paranormal/supernatural topic.  That is an extremely popular topic on this blog.  I am sorry I waited until December of 2013 to wait on allowing guest posting on this subject.  Some of the posts were not as popular as I had hoped.  Still others have been wildly popular.  I get more hits on this one topic in one day than the majority of blogs get in a week. 

I put this blog in moth balls for about six months back in 2011.  But, I started it back up and don't regret doing so.  It's just time to move on.  Once you get to a thousand posts, you need to find something else to do in a blog.  For the rest of the month, I will probably do some reminiscing on this blog and some of the people I have come across over the past 7 years.  I don't expect any of the original posters to come back.  I think most have left the blogging world for one reason or another.  Blogging itself has peaks and valleys.  Just when you think blogging is dead, it makes a comeback.  Just when you think blogging is alive and well, it starts dying off.  I will devote most of my time to my retirement blog.  But, I don't know how long I will do that.  I will continue that blog as long as I enjoy it.

In any case, I hope regular visitors will continue to subscribe to the blog and to the paranormal/supernatural topic.  This blog has some interesting articles and I'm sure you will find many delightful, heart warming and interesting articles. 


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