The 1000th Post

One-thousand posts.  Think about that for a few moments.  One-thousand posts spread out over 7 years.  Yes, there are people who have made many more posts on their blog if they lasted 7 years.  But, it is a noteworthy achievement nonetheless.  A thousand posts takes perseverance and dogged determination, even if I do say so myself. There have been posts about dogs, cats, presidents, wars, the paranormal, divorce, death, best friends, new friends and almost every topic you can name has been discussed here.  I never would settle on a niche for David's Musings.  I felt that restricted me and my ability to write.  So, this is one of the few "no-niche" blogs in cyberspace.  I have had comments, in the early years, that encouraged me to keep writing and keep blogging.  So, I did just that.  I kept blogging through good health and bad health, when I was sad and when I was happy.  I grew frustrated enough to where I quit for six months and nearly deleted the blog.  But, I came back in early 2011 and restarted the blog.  There will be no restart of this blog this time.  As I have stated repeatedly, this blog will be dormant except for guest posts on the paranormal and the occasional post from a staff member.  

I've spent several days trying to think what to put in a thousandth post.  I have no experience in this, obviously.  A thousand posts, in one blog, can say a lot of things about a person.  It can say the blogger has something to say.  Or possibly he feels someone will recognize he is an outstanding writer.  I've gotten accolades for both.  I enjoy talking about my past and my experiences.  That took up a lot of these 1000 posts on this blog.  Eventually, you start running out of things to say about yourself.  You run out of things to say...period.  When that time comes (as it has come to me in this blog), then it is time to turn the page.  I have turned this blog over into some very capable hands who will administer and continue to answer questions in email or comments.  If I had not found people who would take care of this blog, I would have just shut it down completely.  To allow people to run amok with spam comments would have been an injustice to this 7 year old blog.  Therefore, this blog will remain open for reading, comments and, of course, guest posting on the paranormal topic.  

In summary, this is a proud moment to share.  One-thousand posts is nothing to sneeze at for any reason.  It is worth noting and I feel I have done that now.  With that thought in mind, I encourage visitors to explore the posts in this blog by typing in a topic in the search bar in the top-right.  Explore, read and enjoy.  If you have any comments, by all means share them as well.  One-thousand posts.  I like typing that!

Editor's Note:  Next post will be Easter Sunday, April 5th, celebrating the 7th anniversary of this blog.

JD Weldy


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