Blog Update for March 2015

The final blog update for David's Musings.  There honestly isn't much to update.  I've already repeated this blog is winding down and that active participation by me will come to an end early next month.  I will basically do three final things for this blog.  I will do the 1000th post, the 7th anniversary post and a farewell post.  Once I do that farewell post, I will leave this blog in the capable hands of a webmaster, three writers and a blog owner.  I will remain as primary blog owner.  But, any profits that come from advertising will go to the above individuals.  I have received email from individuals asking why I am leaving.  There are personal and business reasons involved.  I won't go into the business reasons.  But, from a personal standpoint, I've done all I can do at David's Musings.  After nearly 1000 posts and nearly 7 years, I need to just move on to something else.  That something (at least for now) is my retirement blog.  I will concentrate on that.

David's Musings is ancient by blog standards.  Many other blogs were started the same time this one was started.  Most of those are now abandoned and neglected.  I go by some and see there are no new posts since 2010 or 2011 and I think how sad that is.  At least give a goodbye post.  Blogging can be extremely frustrating.  I get that.  But, give your blog an ending point at least.  I find it interesting that few new blogs are starting on both major blogging platforms, Blogger and Wordpress.  As stated before, blogging enjoys peaks and valleys.  I think we may be in a deep valley right now.  Whether or not blogging rises again, no one really knows the answer.  We'll just have to wait and see.  Also, this Friday, I will post my final installment in the "Family Album" series.  I truly regret not continuing that series.  It is just now getting popular.  So, until Friday, have a great week.


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