Tax Season

The season that the vast majority hates is upon us.  It is none other than the dreaded "Tax Season."  Unlike Christmas, this season is not of good cheer.  I had to pay this year for the first time in several years.  One thing I have never understood are the number of people who are eager about a "refund."  It is not a refund in actuality.  It is Uncle Sam taking more of your money than he should have.  He doesn't give you any interest on it either.  But, if you short change him, you better get ready to fork over the money you owe plus interest.  I have never thought that was fair for some reason. So, when you get that refund, just remember that is YOUR money that Uncle Sam used, free of charge.  It doesn't sound so good now, does it?  Many people say that April 15th is like Christmas to liberals.  That may or may not be true.  Not to start a political argument, but it does seem those on the left seem giddy this time of year.  Taking money from those that work or have worked and retired doesn't seem particularly fair to me.  But, that's just me, I suppose.

I wish we could just have a flat tax someday.  I know there are those who say it would be inherently unfair for those at the poverty level.  Why not drop the flat tax rate even further for those at the poverty level?  A flat tax is not rocket science.  Tax those at a certain salary cap at 20-25%.  Those at or below the poverty level at 10-15%.  That would be even more than fair in my not so humble opinion.  It would eliminate the IRS.  This is the most feared federal agency of them all.  They have destroyed lives with their arbitrary behavior toward taxpayers.  They have been used by a U.S. President as a weapon against his enemies.  The IRS needs to be abolished.  Back to the subject...it is still early in the tax season.  There are many types of software (many of them free and will send your tax forms for free over the internet).  H&R Block is one that many people use.  But, the best I've seen by far is TuboTax. Best of all, if you fall within a certain category, you get to use TurboTax Online for FREE.  I highly recommend using them.  So simple even an old codger like me can use it. Unhappy Tax Season, folks!


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