Blog Update for February 2015

Well....obviously, I forgot to do a blog update for January.  So, I will combine two months into this one.  I have only about two more blog updates to do.  After that, there will be no more as I will be leaving this blog in the hands of staff and editors on David's Musings. I'm moving over to The Retired Baby Boomer full-time.  I have hired two part-time staff writers there who are handling things now.  But, I will be doing most of the writing on TRBB.  As for this blog...well, things are winding down.  There have been two more paranormal stories published by different authors since my last blog update in December.  The one published the day after Christmas, Dreams of Terror, has been nothing less than phenomenal in the number of hits thus far.  As of this writing, there has been just over 7500 hits on that one story by Montel Kashirea.  It is one of the more fascinating stories in this series on the topic of the paranormal/supernatural.  The other story, published just last Friday (January 30, 2015), is titled, Warnings from the Grave, by Sarah Pulenski.  Thus far, it has proven to be a bit of a disappointment in the number of hits.  This is a simply awesome story.  I don't understand why people are not flocking to it in huge numbers as they did in Dreams of Terror.  It's the kind of story that makes you stay awake at night.  I urge you to read this story if you are a fan of the paranormal topic.

You can expect more anecdotal stories about this blog as we head to the finish line for this old blog.  One of the things I will have to give an update on soon is my old 1995 Nissan truck.  I thought I had cured that head gasket leak with something called Steel Seal.  It doesn't seem to be doing the trick unfortunately.  You can also expect another chapter from the "Family Album" series that I recently started back up.  It seems to be popular.  Don't ask me why I quit on that series.  Also, if you are a long time reader of this blog, but have never made a comment, please comment to let me know your feelings about this blog ending officially in April if you are so inclined.  If you have not subscribed to my new retirement blog, please consider doing so now.  Things are really picking up over there.  Until next month's final update, stay safe, and stay well.


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