Woolmarket - The Final Chapter

Yes, you guessed it.  The "Woolmarket" series is yet another I abandoned after a period of time when I started up this blog.  This marks yet another series I just gave up on for no apparent reason.  What the Woolmarket series entailed was the time we lived in a place called Woolmarket, Mississippi.  It is just north of Biloxi.  Back in the late 50s, when we lived there, it was just a few houses, a general store and a meat market.  Of course, Woolmarket Elementary School was the focus of this entire series.  I had one individual who actually lived in Woolmarket who has made a comment or three over the years.  We had good times and bad times there.  I won't go into the bad times since it involved my father.  The good times were that we were able to go fishing and catch some of the best bream and trout around.  I enjoyed the friends I made while living in Woolmarket.  I would have greatly enjoyed growing up with them.  Alas, when you have a father that is an alcoholic, you are uprooted constantly.

One of the worst memories I had of Woolmarket was my little brother falling out of my grandpa's car.  Grandpa had just bought an old car from a dealer in Gulfport and took us for a ride.  My 4 year old brother decided he wanted to get out of the car while it was doing about 45MPH.  The results were horrible.  It took him a long time to recover from that.  He's a 59 year old man now.  He has no memory of that accident.  But, my sister and I do remember.  I was a teacher's pet in the 4th grade while in Woolmarket.  He was my first male teacher.  I was scared of him and I think he realized it.  So, he made sure to let me know not to be afraid of him.  The Christmas play of 1959, when I was a third-grader, I was Santa Claus.  I forget my teacher's name.  She had some emotional problems since she would frequently leave the room crying.  But, on that night, she was ecstatic with us all as we all performed very well.

We left Woolmarket two months into my 5th grade year.  Thanks to my alcoholic father, my mother took us and moved back to Mobile, AL.  I missed Woolmarket immensely.  I had become a country boy and now was in the big city (to me it was anyway).   I hated it.  My teacher was mean as hell and a bitch.  She was a twin redhead and I had the other mean redhead in the 6th grade.  They both almost failed me.  They used to play the piano together as "The Martins" or something like that.  I probably shouldn't have used such bad language on them since they both are probably deceased by now.  But, I still have bad memories of them.  All in all, Woolmarket was a time of growing up, living the country life and a time of great regrets.  I still regret I did not get to grow up in Woolmarket.  I think my life may have turned out differently. 

In any case, this is a series I wish I had not discontinued.  But, if you want to read the other chapters, just type "Woolmarket" in the search bar in the upper right. 


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