Potential Victory for Google Fiber

Google has petitioned the FCC that reclassifying broadband providers under Title II of the Telecommunications Act would have a big side benefit for Google Fiber because it would give Google Fiber the same access to utility poles and other key infrastructure currently enjoyed by Comcast, AT&T and other big-name ISPs.  In essence, Title II would treat all ISPs as utilities, giving Google Fiber the right to use current infrastructure enjoyed by utilities such as the power company, AT&T (U-verse) and, of course, cable companies.  Google Fiber has told the FCC they are having trouble gaining access to current poles and right of ways under the current restrictions.  If ISPs are reclassified as utilities, then this opens up a new world to people who want cheaper, and much better broadband service and, of course, more and better television channels.  Once Google Fiber has it's broadband in place (at 100MB a second, imagine the possibilities!), surely packages with such popular channels as the History Channel, Discovery, ESPN and a host of others will be offered to markets.  Now, the pricing structure I've seen is cheaper than Cable, satellite or the telephone companies currently offer.  Service automatically has to be better due to the horrid experiences with cable companies you can find all over the internet.

This is probably the worst nightmare imaginable for Comcast, Cox and AT&T U-verse.  True competition in the way of a better product and service is not something cable companies like.  Cable companies have been gouging customers for decades.  Therein lies the problem for cable companies; they are old and antiquated in their thinking and business model.  The current cable business model has served them well since the 1970s.  Notice I said it served "them" well and not the customer.  Cable companies act like a utility company anyway.  Have you ever been down to a Comcast office to return a modem or DVR?  It is a nightmare.  It's like trying to deal with the water company or worse.  Google Fiber would have had to work decades to build the infrastructure for Google Fiber in order to provide service to customers.  It would have taken them a half-century to realize a profit.  If the FCC reclassifies ISPs under Title II of the Telecommunications Act, this opens the door for Google Fiber to go full blast all over the USA and not a few select markets as in Austin, Texas.  I admit I am a severe critic of Comcast and other cable companies, as I have made a few points of my contention with them over their prices.  If Google is successful with the FCC, you will see cable companies start to cut prices.  If they do that, you will know they have been gouging you all along.


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