Flu Virus 2015

It's here.  The Flu Virus that is sweeping the nation has completely encompassed my home state of Alabama.  It is spreading with such speed and ferocity, it has taken hospital, doctors and everyone in the medical community by surprise.  It shouldn't be a surprise.  It was reported several weeks ago that the flu vaccine would only cover about 40% of the virus infected patients.  That was very unsettling when I read that.  I sometimes think that the flu vaccine is really a hit or miss shot in the dark.  This year, the severity seems as bad or worse than any year I can remember.  If you go to a hospital emergency room, you can look for a 2-4 hour wait before you see a doctor.  If you go to your regular doctor (if you can get an appointment), you have to wait several days, if not weeks now.  Once in the doctor's office, anticipate a long, long wait time.  I went by my doctor's office yesterday (Thursday).  Usually, that is a day with few patients as most people go early in the week.  The parking lot was literally packed solid with cars.  The waiting room is not that big.  So, I know it was probably standing room only.

My ex-wife lives in north Alabama.  The flu virus has taken a stranglehold on people up there.  My ex-wife has got this terrible virus.  She is recovering from a severe medical issue already.  This flu virus has made things worse for her.  I talk to her several times a day and have done so all week. She is very weak.  The virus makes you come out at both ends (if you get my meaning).  So, it is going to be some time before she is able to get out and about.  I'm fearful I will get it also.  Usually, I get a cold, virus flu or whatever at the beginning of spring.  That may not be the case this year.  In any case, all we can do is drink plenty of fluids, rest and hope for the best.


I got the flu myself this week. It's terrible. blah

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