The Final Christmas for David's Musings

The Final Christmas Post

Yes, indeed, this will be my final Christmas as editor, chief writer and all-around protagonist of David's Musings.  With this being the week of Christmas, I think I should make note of this being the final Christmas to be celebrated by this blog.  It will still be around next Christmas.  But, it will mostly be in read-only mode.  As stated previously, the dominant theme of this blog will become focused on guest posters in the Paranormal/Supernatural theme.  There will be the rare post from a staff writer.  But, virtually none from me.  So, I wanted to make a special note of this in this post.  I've shared some tips for safe Christmas shopping during previous Christmas seasons.  I've shared some of my special moments during Christmas over my life.  I hope I was able to keep things interesting here.  I just am not able to keep up 2 or 3 blogs any longer.  I had to let The Right Commentary slide into a blogspot.com address.  I have not made a post there in about 3 months.  I doubt I will make any more posts there as well.  My sole focus will be on my retirement blog, The Retired Baby Boomer. 

I have enjoyed this blog and the many friends I made and lost over the years.  I think of them a lot during Christmas.  I will always love Christmas.  It is a special time of year to me now and always has been.  It always will be special to me.  As I approach the 1000th post of this blog, I think of all the posts that we published and then deleted because we did not like them.  We would probably already be over 1000 posts if we had left them intact.  As it stands, this blog is at 973 posts now.  So, this final Christmas post adds to that total as well.  Our wish is that everyone will continue reading this blog even though I personally will no longer be involved after that 1000th post.  Others will take over management while I continue to be blog owner.

I want to wish everyone, and I do mean everyone a very Merry Christmas.  May all your prayers and wishes come true this Christmas.

JD Weldy


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