Dreams of Terror

Today, we are pleased to present Montel Kashirea as guest poster on the Paranormal/Supernatural topic.  Montel is an administrative clerk (presently on indefinite family medical leave) at a police department in the Midwest.  Montel is 44 years old, divorced has two children ages 14 and 8 years old.  In his spare time, Montel likes to read, bowl on the department bowling team, hunting, snow skiing and reading.

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I begin my story at my doctor's office.  Specifically, my psychiatrist.  Well....on second thought, perhaps I need to back up a bit and explain.  Since the early part of 2013, I have been having the same dream over and over. I would have this same dream, with slight  variations, 3 or 4 times a week.  I have had MRIs, brain scans, CAT scans and just about every type of test you can imagine.  They all came back negative, which was good and bad in a way.  If there was something physically wrong with me, perhaps it could be treated.  But, the prevailing diagnosis was that this dream was all in my head and I needed to talk it out with a psychiatrist who could bring out whatever deep rooted pain I had in my life.  I had no such secret pain.  I had a tremendous childhood, doted on by loving parents and grandparents.  I have two brothers and a sister.  We all got along famously and still do.  But, the medical community felt I had something deep-rooted that needed to come out and dealt with in some form or fashion.  This psychiatrist proved to be a total waste of my time just as I knew she would.  The only positive to come out of this was she suggested I undergo hypnosis from a certified doctor (I agreed to the hypnosis with mixed results).  You see, no matter how often I tell people this "dream" was real, no one believed me.  That also includes my now ex-wife.  This dream started out as just a dream and nothing more.  But, then it became more and more real to me.  Too real, in fact. 

The dream always starts out with me walking in a field of high weeds in some forested area.  It is near dusk, and it is always a light rain falling. It is always very cold.  Yes, I could feel the cold to my bones.  I sometimes see lightning in the background.  It seems I am always lost, not really knowing where I am walking to or walking from in this dream (which usually lasts all night).  I seem to walk for hours on end until I start up this hill to see a ramshackle cabin at the very top of the hill.  I start slowly up the hill to the cabin, sometimes slipping on the way.  When the dream first started, I could not make it all the way to the cabin at the top of the hill.  That soon changed, however.  I would make it to the porch of this cabin, look inside to see what I could see.  I could see very little on the outside.  So, I tried opening the door.  It is always stuck, but I somehow manage to open the door.  I enter inside the cold, dingy cabin.  There is always a fireplace with firewood nearby, matches on the mantle of the fireplace and a rocking chair in front of the fireplace.  Closing the door, I look around the cabin to see what I can see.   I see the outline of lamps, chairs, a handmade coffee table and an assortment of books in a bookcase.  I always light the fireplace and it lights quickly (which never happened for me with my fireplace at home).

This is where things start to get complicated.  I find myself sitting down  in the rocking chair, looking fearfully around the decrepit cabin.  Even with the fireplace roaring to life, I am always cold beyond words.  As I am sitting in the rocking chair, there are three LOUD knocks at the front door of the cabin.  I mean knocks hard enough to make the door fall inward.  But, it stays intact somehow.  I always get up out of the rocking chair, walk to the door....but I refuse to open it.  Then the shaking of the cabin starts up.  The entire cabin seems to be shaking hard enough for it slip off its foundation and down the hill.  The shaking seems to go on for an hour.  But, I doubt it lasts that long.  Remember, this is a dream.  Time has no influence here.  As suddenly as the shaking starts, it stops just as suddenly.  This is where I start having heart palpitations just typing this.  At a window adjacent to the front door, a darkness that is even darker than the moonless night takes shape.  There are a pair evil yellow eyes peering in at me with such hatred, words simply fail to describe.  The gut wrenching, guttural growl takes place sort of like.... UUUUUHHHHHHHH.....UUHHHHHHH.....GRRRRRRR.  I know I am not doing justice to the growl that is so frightening to me.  It is difficult to put into words just how horrific it is. Imagine the growl of a male African Lion, but a growl 5 times as powerful and deep as the normal growl of that one male lion. These eyes, and the growl, seem to go from window to window.  I am not sure just how long this goes on.  Maybe it lasts five minutes.  I am not sure.  But, it is enough to have me screaming at the top of my voice and waking my wife.  So, this takes us back to the office of my psychiatrist.

Before you say it, none of the prescription medicine I was taking caused bad dreams as some prescription medicine is prone to do.  So, after about two sessions with the psychiatrist , she prescribed Lunesta.  My problem was not sleeping, as I tried to explain to this psychiatrist.  My problem is what happens after I go to sleep.  It is like I am talking to a statue at the local library.  The effect is the same.  I quit taking Lunesta after 3 nights.  It had absolutely no effect on my problem.  Meanwhile, the above dream sequence takes place 3 or 4 times a week.  Each time it happens, it had seemed to get worse.  I actually felt my life was in danger in each dream by this dark beast with yellow eyes.  What could it be?  Some kind of demon?  Whatever it was, it hated me with the power of a thousand suns for reasons I don't understand.  With that thought in mind, I went to discuss it with my priest.  Again, the talking to a statue routine.  He said this was possibly a physical issue (after countless tests) or mental issue (ditto).  He told me there was nothing theological he could do.  Before I left, he did say one thing;  when I go to sleep, be sure to sleep with the crucifix dangling from the chain necklace I was wearing.  I told him I always take it off before bedtime.  The priest told me to wear it from now on when I go to bed.  I decided to do just that.  That decision took things off in a whole different direction.

The first night I slept with the crucifix, I went to sleep very quickly.  Usually, it takes me about 10-15 minutes before I fall to sleep.  But, not that first night.  As always, the same dream scenario I described above takes place.  Once I get out of the rocking chair to go to the door where the 3 loud knocks took place, something different happened....and it wasn't good.  The dark beast continued to go to each window, display the hate-filled yellow eyes at me.  But, this time, the window nearest the front door shattered.  The dark beast came into the house, roaring with anger at me!!!!! UHHHHH AAARRRGGGG, it continued at me as  I ran around the cabin doing my best to avoid it.  I am screaming at the top of my lungs for help, for someone to please save me from this evil being!!!!  That is when I am awakened by my wife.  She told me she had to slap me several times in order to wake me.  She is as hysterical with fear as I was at that moment.  She said I sounded like someone possessed.  That really bothered me when she said that.  We both went to the priest the next day.  He was of as much use as he was the first time I went.  We were at our wit's end.  Our marriage began to suffer as a result of these horrific dreams.  Things were going from bad to worse.

The second time I wore the crucifix to sleep, the same routine occurred.  The dark beast entering through the window and chasing me around the cabin.  Only this time, it materialized into something of a solid form.  It appeared to be more of a "man-beast" shape with three fingers on each hand.  Finally, the now man-beast shouted to me, "You belong to me...YOU BELONG TO ME!!!!"   This time, the man-beast grabbed me by my right arm and attempts to pull me through the window that it had broke through into the cabin.  I scream for everything I am worth asking God to help me, to have this thing release me.  As soon as I said that, I awoke with my wife again screaming for me to wake up.  Apparently, my wife could take no more.  The next morning, she took our two children and left.  I can't say that I blame her.  But, before she left, she made a phone call.  About two hours later, as I was preparing to take a shower, I heard a knock at the door.  The proverbial men in white coats had come for me.  My wife had been preparing to have me institutionalized for my problem for quite some time, I figured out later.  The official reason I was taken into state custody was that my mental state was such that I was a danger to myself and to those around me.  I could not figure that one out as I sat in the room that is monitored 24/7 by orderlies.  I would never hurt my wife or children or even myself.  Well, the latter was not quite true according to the state board of inquiry.

On my right arm were three light incisions (where the man-beast grabbed me) as if created by knives.  It was thought I was trying to kill myself.  I knew better.  But, no one would believe me.  So, here I sit in one of the finest mental hospitals in the Midwest. The dreams savagely continue.  Strangely, despite having my room searched three times a day for anything that I could use to injure myself, the incisions still occur on a weekly basis. The hospital officials are at a loss as to how this is happening.  I know what is happening.  But, again, no one believes me.  Meanwhile, this nightmare of hell continues.  The battle between me and this entity continues on.  I am learning to fight back at this thing. I believe I injured it in my last dream. This time, it was the man-beast that SCREAMED.   Eventually, I believe this dark beast, man-beast, whatever you want to call it, probably will kill me and I will never wake up from the dream.  I have to admit it's possible this will happen to me.

Or maybe I will kill it first. That's a possibility also.

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