Christmas With My Ex-wife

I spent Thanksgiving with my ex-wife.  It now appears I will be spending Christmas with her as well.  It's not often I do something I know I will regret.  Thanksgiving lasted 24 hours and I had to leave for reasons I won't go into at this time.  I suspect Christmas is going to present the same problems for me and my ex-wife.  To be honest, we just don't get along when we are together longer than one day.  It seems we let little things cause arguments just as we did when we were married.  At the same time, neither of us wants to be alone for Christmas.  Nobody should be alone for Christmas.  It's heartbreaking to know there are so many people around the country who will be alone with nothing to celebrate Christmas.  I will say my ex-wife is a very generous person.  She has always been very free-hearted.  At times, she can be the most kind person you will ever meet.  At other times, she can be mean, if not cruel.  I've never quite understood her.  She lets the holidays get the best of her for one thing.  I have told her that the holidays are a time of celebration, not one of being angry about.

I have always loved Thanksgiving and especially Christmas.  Christmas is the season of love and giving.  A season of giving thanks for our savior, Jesus Christ.  It seems He is often forgotten during Christmas now.  My ex-wife certainly doesn't seem to think Jesus is the reason for the season.  She just can see Christmas as a burden and it should not be that way.  So, why do I go to house for Christmas, you may ask?  She needs me during this time and she doesn't even know it.  That's as succinctly as I can put it.  I pray things go smoother than they did at Thanksgiving.


I always think it is nice that divorced people get along. My ex is a great friend and that is a good example to our daughter and others. It's good that you try.

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