Reflections on this Blog

I've said this blog is in the winding down stage in a previous post.  I'll discuss more on that in a later post.  I will not close the blog as I did back in 2011.  But, my posts will become less frequent.  You will continue to see guest posts on the paranormal/supernatural topic.  But, for the most part, my posts will start to disappear off this blog.  Instead, you will see posts from editors and staff of David's Musings.  To me, that is a good thing.  Once we get to 1,000 posts (which will be around March of next year), I will continue to post, but on a weekly basis instead of the twice weekly basis as is now.  I've enjoyed this little blog.  But, due to continued medical issues and other personal issues, I am going to step back quite a bit next year.  I've had offers to buy this blog.  But, the offers have not come to the price level I think this blog deserves.  David's Musings has held up when all others faded away. I've seen lots of blogs come and go.  I've seen lots of visitors come and go.  I've seen page rank as high as PR4 and as low as PR0.  I've seen as many as 9500 visitors within a 12 hour period due to one post (The Thing in the Idaho Wilderness).  As I said, I've seen many highs and lows while writing for this old blog.  This blog will be 7 years old next April 5.  This is an incredible effort.  I could not have made it without the encouragement and help of many people.  Most are gone now.  So, I won't go there again.  Many people (including me) have said blogging is a dying art.  But, I tend to believe it is enjoying a renaissance of sorts now.  I've noticed more and more blogs popping up on blogger.

I will still be owner of this blog.  Others will share their views on various issues.  But, they will be few and far between.  As I said, most of the posts will be on the paranormal/supernatural topic. Advertising will still be accepted.  Visitors will still be welcomed.  But, after I turned 63 years of age last month, I decided its time to focus on my new blog The Retired Baby Boomer.  I don't know how successful that blog will be.  But, it is something I enjoy discussing.  Retirement is something we all will have to do at some point.  So, those of you so inclined, I invite you to join us over at the The Retired Baby Boomer.  More on the future of this blog in future posts.


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