Paranormal and Supernatural Guest Posting Series

I have to say, I love this paranormal/supernatural guest posting series more than any other since this blog started up.  I have been thrown many great stories that I had to turn down for various reasons. I simply can't publish them all.  For every 5 submitted to me, I must turn down 4.  My apologies to those of you that have been turned down.  It's not because your story is not very good.  It's simply because the one story I do pick just stands out from the other 4.  Please don't take it personally.  This paranormal/supernatural series has been immensely popular.  Far more popular than I ever would have imagined.  I regret I waited six years before initiating this series on this blog.  I even had to get a different feed for the series due to its popularity. I also want to take this time to thank those who have offered advice about this series.  Since the stories are not my own, I cannot in good conscience sell the stories.  Yes, they are my property since they are published on my site.  But, if I ever do incorporate these stories into one big ebook, I will certainly make note of this in this blog..  It does sound appealing.  But, I would have to share the royalties with the respective authors.  At this time, I am inclined not to do this. 

The very first story published was "House at the End of Satter Field Road."  This is one of my personal stories I shared.  It has received moderate success with nearly 1500 reader hits.  It was one of those coming of age stories that nearly ended in my coming of age!  I'll always believe we broke into a witches lair that late afternoon.  The next story in this series was also a personal experience.  It was a two-part series entitled "Ghost Story:  Summers at Grandma's House."  Each received over 500 reader hits which was bit of a disappointment to me.  I really thought this story would do well.  However, the next personal story I published took care of that disappointment.  "Stormy Night in an Abandoned House" has to date received just over 4K in reader hits.  That was a big surprise to me.  This story is not a story in the traditional sense of something out of the supernatural or paranormal.  But, readers do like this story.  A guest post story by Michelle Diamond completely took me by surprise as well as Mrs. Diamond.  This story continues to get reader hits seven months after it was published.  The story, Something in the Attic, has just over 11K in reader hits.  It continues to be one of the most popular stories around.  In the first 24 hours, I got over 7K in hits.  But, the story that has surpassed them all is "The Thing in the Idaho Wilderness" by Tom Spencer.  In the first 12 hours of being published, this story received just over 9500 reader hits!  That was astonishing to me. Some blogs don't get that many hits in two months combined.  To date, it has nearly 19K in reader hits.  It continues to be the most popular story ever published in the near seven-year history of David's Musings.  This story still garners at least 30 hits a day ten months after being published.

As good as these stories are, the one that continues to haunt me, the one that continues to get good reader hits. is The Voice in the Wilderness by John Malcolm.  It has nearly 3K hits which is miniscule to some of the others listed above.  But, this story is one you simply have to read.  I hate singling one story out.  But, The Voice in the Wilderness is extremely unusual.  It's the kind of story that will keep you awake at night.  It's both frightening and sad all at once as one thinks it is the voice of a wayfaring stranger who never made it back home.  Just read it.  I guarantee, you will not ever forget it.

There are more stories concerning the supernatural or paranormal if you prefer.  Even after my activity starts to disappear slowly after this blog reaches 7 years of age next April, the stories on the paranormal and supernatural will continue. We will continue to take stories on the paranormal/supernatural topic.  I realize a 20% acceptance rate is not very high and might be discouraging.  But, submit your stories anyway.  You never know what will strike our fancy.  It must be unusual, something that tingles the spine of the reader.  If you wish to submit your story, click here to get started.  Be sure to put PARANORMAL in the subject line and make your pitch of what your story is all about.


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