My New Car

New 2014 Honda Accord Coupe V6

I say "my new car" when I actually bought my new Honda Accord on July 27th of this year.  It now has over 4300 miles on it.  But, since I have been talking about buying a new car since January (Time to Trade in My Honda Civic), I thought I would make mention of it in a post.  In that post linked above, I talked about buying a 2014 Jeep Cherokee.  I came really close to buying one.  I like Jeeps.  But, I don't like the insurance rates for them and I don't like the ratings that people gave them on Google and Yelp.  So, I decided to stick with Honda.  I bought the 2014 Honda Accord Couple V6.  I almost bought the 4 cylinder.  But, I really didn't like the acceleration in it or the Jeep Cherokee.  I do a lot of interstate driving.  I need a car that has good pickup and gas mileage.  My Honda Accord does both.  Now, that 2006 Honda Civic EX I traded in was a good little car.  It had great gas mileage and was very dependable.  But, as I discussed in the article linked above, I had the ECT sensor replaced.  That cost just over $400.  Not much when you consider that was the most I had spent on it.  But, I kept having trouble with the A/C as well.  After 8 years of dependable service, it was time to update my transportation.

I am very deliberate when it comes to buying a car.  I actually started thinking about buying a new car a year ago this month, in October of 2013.  I am very happy with my 2014 Honda Accord Couple V6.  It is very comfortable, takes the bumps in the road much better than the Civic. It has all the latest gadgetry of today.  It has tire pressure sensors, which the Civic did not have.  It has a backup camera, driver safety aids (lane departure warning, front collision warning, etc) and many other features I find attractive.  I probably won't trade it in for at least 7 years as long as it doesn't give me any trouble.  But, I do get compliments all the time on what a beautiful car it is.  I love the car bra on the front as well.  I hate getting dings on the paint job.  Hence, the car bra.  I really like it.  It is a really nice car.


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