My Life At Age 63

I turned 63 years old last month.  I remember when I thought I was old when I turned 50.  That seems like just a few years ago.  That's another thing; once you hit 40, time just seems to zoom by so fast!  From age 40 to 50 was about 3 years it seemed.  So, I guess I need to enjoy each day of life.  And, I try to do just that.  But, with my medical issues, that is hard to do.  I would love to travel some.  But, that would be very difficult to do now.  I should have went when I had the chance.  I may still be able to once I get my gastritis issues out of the way.  But, that is on down the road now.  My ex-wife and I would love to travel together.  But, she is still recovering from chemo and radiation.  So, I'm not sure when we will get to hit the road together.  She wants to go to Las Vegas.  I want to go to Mt. Rushmore.  Yes, we have difference even now.  We'll figure something out.  I guess when you hit age 60 you start thinking about your inevitable death.  I have not planned out my funeral arrangements as yet.  I keep putting it off.  But, this is something I need to do and soon.   I have to do this.  And I will.

Life now seems much different than when I was 40 or less years of age.  I didn't have the health issues I had back then for one thing.  I gain weight a lot easier now.  I am fighting to lose about 20lbs.  It is nearly impossible to do.  But, I won't give up trying.  I see friends I have not seen in years.  I think, my God they have gotten old!  Yes, I looked in the mirror and discovered they weren't the only ones to get old.  Sometimes I don't recognize the guy in the mirror.  Whatever happened to the young blonde-haired guy with thick hair?  It is rapidly disappearing and what's left is very gray now.  That is sad to think about.  My life has been far from easy.  But, I suspect I am not the only one to have a hard life.  It seems those miles of hard life are in the wrinkles I see in the mirror.  After age 60, you wake up with pains and groans you didn't have when you went to bed the previous night.  It just happens.  It's just old age and something you have to deal with on a daily basis.  As I stated in a previous post, I have a new car.  I thought that new Honda Accord would be easier to get in and out of each day.  I was wrong.  It is almost as difficult to get in and out of the Accord as it was the Civic.  I should have bought that Ford F-150 truck as I had considered.  I sometimes forget I'm not 63 years old.

People say, you are only as old as you act or, in some cases, as you feel.  I think the latter of the two falls in line with me.  There are days I feel every bit of those 63 years.  I never expected life would be like this as I got old.  I should have known this.  I'm not going to say life is miserable after age 60.  But, there are changes you have to make.  Changes that you may or may not have anticipated.  Now, time to go get that heating pad on my aching back.


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