Reflections on 13th Anniversary of WTC Terrorist Attacks

Yesterday I watched all the specials commemorating the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Some are very hard to watch.  The specials that show people jumping to their death are the most difficult.  I can't imagine the horror these people must have endured on their way down to a certain and grisly death.  After watching that, I found myself filled with anger.  It is an anger that will never be quenched no matter how many terrorists die as a result.  Many people feel that way, I suppose.  There was no reason for the attack.  None.  I don't care how angry many in the Middle East feel about the USA.  There is never a reason to murder innocent men, women and children.  No excuse can be valid enough to justify the attacks.  For that reason alone, this country will never cease in its efforts to eradicate terrorism where ever it may be in the world. I have watched the towers fall down numerous times since yesterday.  I remember the absolute astonishment I felt when the South Tower fell on that fateful day of 9/11.  It seemed impossible they would fall.  I knew then thousands of people would die.  For many, it seemed as if it were the end of the world. 

There was one person who said, in one of those specials, that September 11th would just become another day of observance in much the say way Pearl Harbor Day is on December 7th.  That's probably a fairly safe assumption.  People move on with their lives.  They have to or go insane.  But, for the families that suffered a loss that day, the memories will fade only slightly.  The pain will last a lifetime.  I pray all the families of 9/11 are comforted and able to cope some 13 years later after this horrific tragedy. 


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