Vacation Time!

It is August 1, 2014.  Normally, this is vacation time for owner, staff and editors at David's Musings.  Our present course of action is to take two weeks vacation.  That could change to the entire month of August.  It just depends on a set variables we have no control over at this time.  August is the traditional month of vacation in Europe.  So, if it is good enough for Europeans, it is good enough for us. We are embarking on year seven of David's Musings.  On April 5, 2015,. this blog will be all of 7 years old.  That's a long time in the the blogging world, folks.  So, time for rest and relaxation.  We have another guest poster who will share a post on the paranormal/supernatural theme when we get back.  In fact, we may post that story while still taking the month of August off.  Until next time, enjoy the remainder of your summer!


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