Police Abuse #7

Daniel Saenz

On March 8, 2013, Daniel Saenz was causing problems at a supermarket in El Paso, Texas.  Police were called to subdue him and take him from the property.  After being handcuffed, Saenz was taken to a local medical facility to be evaluated for possible mental problems.  Mr. Saenz was alleged to have assaulted an off-duty police officer there, along with medical personnel.  Once he was officially placed under arrest, Saenz showed even more erratic behavior.  He again continued to battle with police officers and started banging his head against a door in an attempt to injure himself.  Just a guess here, but I suspect Mr. Saenz had mental problems that needed to be treated by a professional.  This is when Officer Jose Flores decided to do something, anything to help this poor man.  What did Officer Flores do?  He shot and killed Daniel Saenz who was still handcuffed.

Initially, the report on this fatal shooting was that it was an "accidental shooting."  That's usually the backup excuse when cops kill unarmed and handcuffed civilians, you see.  However, that accidental shooting soon became a "justified shooting" according to Texas Rangers and the El Paso Police Department.  It was reported the shooting was justified due to Saenz continuing to fight against his captors.  Mr. Saenz was also reported to have the amazing ability to bring his handcuffed hands around to the front of his body!   But, he was still handcuffed, ladies and gentlemen.  Oh, and did I mention that Saenz was unusually strong?  That was another "factor" in this so-called justified shooting of a handcuffed, unarmed man.  But, how is it that the cops were unable to subdue a man without shooting him?

Ok, tazering had no effect on him (which tells me he was either drugged out or a mental case or both).  In fact, according to this article (with video) he was on drugs.  Now, this incident took place at the El Paso Jail.  There was plenty of guards available to help out these two men. But, Flores, decided, on his own, to take out his gun.  Now, it is stated in the article that the guard pushed against Flores gun, causing the gun to go off "accidentally" which soon became "justified."  Let's assume the contradiction of both an "accident" and "justified" are all true.  What was the reason to pull out the gun in the first place?  One, the guy wasn't going anywhere.  He was handcuffed and in the county jail.  Secondly, why didn't these two men call for backup?  Why???  Were they too macho to call for help?  That is what I see in this video.  Two men should have been able to subdue a handcuffed man, regardless of how strong he is or how drugged out he is.  Accident or not, Office Flores was not justified in pulling out his gun on a handcuffed man.  He should have called for backup or waited for backup before pulling out his gun.  Once again, police in this country have become judge, jury and executioner. 


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