Blog Sixth Anniversary

Tomorrow, April 5, 2014, David's Musings will be six years old.  Can you believe it?  I can't believe it myself at times.  It just doesn't seem possible.  I am closing in on 1000 posts.  It will probably be next year before I reach that mythical number.  But, this blog is like the Jurassic Period in comparison to most blogs these days.   Most blogs don't make it to the 3 month mark.  People just give up.  I used to get comments here (believe it or not).  But, for reasons I don't understand, people just don't comment like they use to on this blog.  I've made it easy for you to do so, dear reader.  It just seems people today would rather read than comment on what they read.  I don't understand that.  Anyway, today is about anniversaries.  Today I celebrate another milestone on this blog.  I started allowing guest bloggers last December, for the first time, on the paranormal/supernatural topic.  The resultant reads have been nothing short of amazing.  In one 24 hour period, I got almost 10K hits on this blog due to one paranormal story.  What story?  "The Thing in the Idaho Wilderness" is what exploded onto the scene.  I was shocked.  It now has over 12K hits.  To those of you who have Google +1 those stories, I sincerely thank you all!  Please keep doing it!

I always end these anniversary posts on the future of David's Musings.  The future is whatever happens.  I don't know how long I will keep doing this.  As long as my health holds up, I suppose I will continue.  But, I don't see myself stopping any time soon.  Lots of nice people have posted here in the past.  They helped me through some rough times. Now, they are all gone from the world of blogging or so it seems.  But, enough of that.  Join with me in wishing this blog a happy anniversary with many more anniversaries to come!


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