Trying to Lose Weight

I've been dieting since January.  It has been an uphill battle for me.  Like in any battle, there are peaks and valleys.  I lost a pound and a half last Wednesday, only to discover I had gained that and another 1.5 pounds yesterday, for a grand total of almost three pounds.  It is disheartening to say the least.  I watch what I eat, I have stopped eating crap from fastfood restaurants, I have taken every kind of diet supplement that swears it will curb your appetite.  But, none of them really work.  I can almost guarantee you that.  Another thing that hurts me is not being able to get on my treadmill.  I am on an recumbent exercise bike now.  But, it's not the same.  I do need to lose weight.  I am just astonished I gained three pounds in less than four days.  It doesn't seem possible.  Yet, two different scales do not lie.  So, the fight continues.  It is rough not being able to eat what you want.  It really is.  But, I know I have to do something to lose weight.  I have to take stock of what I'm doing wrong.  I suspect eating those sub sandwiches is hurting me.  And I love them.  I truly love them.  I will cut back from two a week, to one a week now.  I will stay away from any kind of chips.  It's hell on earth to me.

My great fear is that I will become a diabetic if I don't lose weight.  That is a real, tangible fear I have.  Plus, I need to lose weight because it is something that haunts my entire family.  So many medical conditions occur due to being overweight.  To look at me, you would not think I am overweight.  All my weight seems to settle in my stomach.  That happens to most men.  I guess I will eat three salads a week as opposed to three now.  I have eaten so many salads until I am sick of them.  But, I realize I have little choice.  Anybody that has some good ideas on losing weight, don't be afraid to share them.  I am running out of ideas.


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