Puppy Day - 3 March 2014

Got those Monday morning blues?  Aaah yes, I remember them well.  Now, that I am retired, Monday is just another day of the week for me.  In fact, every day is Saturday to me.  But, for those of you still in the workforce (and I imagine that is most who visit here), do you think four pics of cute puppies could put a smile on your face today?  Imagine a cuddly little puppy looking up at you with those innoncent little eyes for a few moments.  That should get those Monday blahs out of the way, don't you think?  So, let's give it a try, shall we?  Take a look at these four little tykes and see if you don't feel better!  I know they have already made me feel better.  As always, click on the pic to expand.

You talking to me?
Color of fur doesn't matter!
What is that thing?
Hiya Doing?


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