Near Death Experiences

Near Death Experiences (NDE) is often referred to as personal experiences associated with impending death, encompassing multiple possible sensations including detachment from the body, feelings of levitation, total serenity, security, warmth, the experience of absolute dissolution, and the presence of a light.  This is the normal and standard NDE.  But, as you will see in two stories below, this is not always the case.  Most stories of people, experiencing a NDE, speak of entering a tunnel, going to a warm, soft light.  Invariably, they see either relatives who have passed on or see God in some form. All this takes place when a person has been declared clinically dead or has become very close to death.  I've been curious about NDE for quite some time.  As you grow older (as I am now), you start thinking about your own mortality.  At age 62, if I live as long as my grandfathers, I have approximately 15-20 years of life left in me.  That's provided, of course, if I don't get some sort of dreadful disease that will bring my life to a close.   Let's take a look at just a few NDE stories.

The story of Howard Storm.  Howard Storm was an avowed atheist. In fact, Mr. Storm characterized himself as a "double atheist and know it all professor." One day, while in Europe on an art tour with students, Mr. Storm doubled over in pain in his hotel room.  At the hospital, he and his wife were told he had a perforated stomach that required surgery, and if he didn’t get it soon, he would die. While waiting for a doctor to arrive, his condition deteriorated to the point he found himself standing beside his own hospital bed, looking at himself.  Soon, he heard voices telling him they had been waiting for him and to follow them down a dark corridor.  Howard called for his wife.  But, got no response.  He started following the voices.  Finally, he decided he had gone far enough and was going to turn back.  The voices then mercilessly attacked him.  They were biting him, tearing his flesh, and just were trying to destroy him.  Howard collapsed on the ground, recited the Lord's Prayer and asked God for help.  He was saved by Jesus and sent back to earth.  Howard Storm wrote a book on his experience called "My Descent Into Death."

The Martha Babcock story.  Martha Babcock was sitting at home one morning reading the newspaper.  She suddenly felt a sharp pain in her chest as if she were having a heart attack.  Martha tried reaching for the phone on the coffee table.  But, she was unable to do so.  She soon lapsed into unconsciousness.   She awoke with the distinct smell of lilies, her favorite flower.  Martha looked around to see she was in a tunnel.  Martha was not afraid.  There was a bright, shining light at the end of the tunnel.  She got up and began to walk toward the light. Before she could get to the light, she found herself in a valley, filled with lilies everywhere.  The smell was overwhelming.  Martha stated she felt completely at home for the first time in her 53 years of life.  She saw people coming into focus around her.  Martha saw her mother who came to her and hugged her.  "It's not your time, child.  You must go back to Bob (Martha's husband).  He needs you. We'll be waiting here for you when it's time," her mother said. Martha said she then found herself in an ambulance with the siren blaring.  Her husband told her she dialed 911.  But, Martha has no memory of ever doing that.  After undergoing open heart surgery and six months of recovery, she now speaks at seminars on Near Death Experiences around the USA.

Dr. Mary Neal story.  On a kayaking trip in 1999, Dr. Neal was pinned, under water, when her kayak capsized, making it impossible for her to breathe for anywhere between 15 and 25 minutes.  During this time, Dr. Neal says she was brought before the presence of Jesus and angels.  During this time, Jesus told her that her family would experience a tragedy that would require her to help the family through the death of a loved one.  She was told her, then, nine-year old son was going to die.  But, she was not told when, where or how.  About ten years later, her son was killed in a car accident in Maine.  Mary is convinced Jesus helped her under the water, making it possible for rescue workers to revive her following the kayaking accident. When she awoke, she found she had two broken legs, lung complications, and spent a month in the hospital, followed by six weeks in a wheelchair.  Dr. Neal authored a book entitled, To Heaven And Back."

Matthew Wilkins story. Matthew Wilkins was only 12 years old, in 1982, when he accompanied his dad on a drive to Helena, MT. to get some materials to repair fencing on their property.  Suddenly, a rear tire blew out, which caused Matthew's dad to lose control of the pickup truck.  The truck rolled over several times down a deep gulley.  Neither were wearing seat belts. The father was ejected from the truck.  The truck rolled over Matthew's dad, killing him instantly.  Matthew, somehow, was thrown through the windshield and escaped having the truck roll over him.  Matthew said he woke up in a tunnel with his, now, deceased dad standing over him.  Matthew said his father told him that he will have to care for his mother and grandma now.  He will have to be the man of the house.  Matthew told his father he wanted to go with him.  Suddenly, as he said this, they were both brought before long deceased relatives, only two of whom he recognized; his grandfather and a great-uncle who had died several years prior.  His dad and grandfather picked him up and told him to go back to the tunnel,  back to the living because his time was not up.  Matthew tried to hold on to his father, desperately grasping his arms.  Matthew said he then woke up to find himself in a recovery room, post-op.  Matthew had a fractured skull, severe lacerations along his face, neck and arms that required several surgeries.  He was in the hospital for 6 weeks.  Over the next two years he had six more surgeries.  Matthew Wilkins wrote a book on his experience entitled "The Tunnel to Everlasting Life."

The Frank Nichols story.   In 1967, Frank Nichols belonged to an outlaw motorcycle gang called "The Skull Stompers."  It was a gang dealing drugs, worked as hitmen and union enforcers, and had drug/sex parties that lasted for days.  On a warm July night, Frank was riding his Harley down U.S. 90 in Del Rio, TX. He states he had no idea how fast he was going, but he just knew he was blaring down the highway high as a kite.  Frank hit something in the road that caused him to swerve off onto the side of the road.  Next thing he knows, he is airborne.  Frank Nichols came down with a heavy thud.  He then opened his eyes and saw he was in a very dark room.  Frank said he could not move at all.  He did not know how long he was in this room.  But, a hole opened up in a wall and in came an angel.  Frank said the angel pointed toward him and said, "You have a choice to make.  Do you wish to return to the living and atone for your life?  Or do you wish to spend eternity in a lake of fire?  Neither choice will be one you want for reasons of your own doing."  Suddenly, the angel spread his arms wide and Frank saw a lake of fire with millions and millions of people screaming for mercy.  Frank said he could actually feel the heat and it was horrific.  This lasted for several minutes.  The angel than said, "Which choice do you make?  If you choose life, it will be a life unlike any you have ever imagined."  Frank told the angel he wanted to live, to make up for his wayward lifestyle.  With that, the angel said, "As it will be."  Frank then instantly woke up on the side of a road to hear a man ask "Are you ok, Mister?"  Frank was taken to a hospital by ambulance.  He had shattered vertebrate in his spine, paralyzing him from the waist down.  Frank also had a shattered left arm, of which, he only has 30% use now. He went through several excruciating surgeries.  But, Frank said he felt blessed he was given a choice and a chance at life.  He now gives speeches at church youth rallies, warning them of the perils of drugs and a sinful life.

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