Update on Guest Blogging Experiment

As stated last December, I was going to try something unprecedented on David's Musings.  I decided to try guest blogging on this old blog.  The topic was the paranormal/supernatural.  Judging by the number of hits (since I never get comments here any longer, but large number of visitors) on each guest blog, it has been a huge success story.  Each guest blog post has gotten at least 500 hits, which is about 200 more than I had anticipated.  The Voice in the Wilderness, by John Malcolm, was one of the most fascinating stories I have ever read anywhere!  It still gets about 5 to 6 hits a day.  There have been four altogether.  But, the one that got an unprecedented amount of hits was The Thing in the Idaho Wilderness by Tom Spencer.  It was by far, and I do mean BY FAR the most popular post ever in the nearly six year history of David's Musings.  From the time it was posted early Friday morning (02/14/2014) to the next Saturday morning, it had over 9600 hits!!!!  Many blogs don't get that many hits in a month.  It was incredible.  As of this date, it has over 11,200 hits.  It averages (excluding that 9600 hit night) 228 hits a day.  That is unreal.

I am thinking of continuing the guest blogging experiment here.  I had originally intended for it to last just one month.  But, the guest posts on the paranormal/supernatural were so utterly fantastic, I had an extremely tough time sorting out the ones I felt met the criteria I set forth.  Thus far, there have been 78 guest entry applicants.  I have accepted 5, with the 5th guest post slated to be posted next month.  As I stated originally, I can't tell if everyone is telling the truth about their experiences.  That is impossible.  But, even if they aren't truthful, they are certainly entertaining.  So, once again, if you have personally had any paranormal/supernatural experiences and want to share them on this blog, click the "Contact Us" link on the right column.  Who knows?  Your post may beat the one by Tom Spencer of 9600 hits in 24 hours!


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