Puppy Day

I'm working on some other projects right now.  I've got too many irons in the fire, so to speak.  As for this blog, I've got about 30 guest bloggers waiting on me to either say yay or nay on their post for my topic of supernatural/paranormal.  I promise to get around to you folks as soon as I possibly can.  But, right now, I'm just totally booked on any number of fronts.  So, to give me a little relief, I think a few pics of puppies are in order.  I haven't done this in a while.  Just click on the pics to expand them.  I'm partial to beagle puppies since I own a beagle.  Or maybe it's the beagle (Ralph) who owns me.  I'm not sure which it is at times. In any case, enjoy Puppy Day!


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