Prayers for Someone Dear to Me

I don't think I have done this in the nearly six year history of David's Musings. Maybe I should have done this sooner.  What I mean is dedicate an entire blog post asking for prayers for someone who means a great deal to me.  This blog is strange in some ways.  When it was first starting out, I got a lot more comments than I do now.  But, I did not have nearly as much traffic as I do now.  Now, I have between 4-5K visitors a day.  But, I get few comments.

But, to those of you who do read this blog, please lift someone up in your prayers today.  Her name is Eve.  She is facing a terrible physical crisis at the moment.  I ask that you pray for Eve today.  I ask that you pray for healing for her body, mind and, especially, her soul.  Like me, she is a sinner and falls short of the loving Grace of God.  Sinner or not, I still pray for guidance and direction in my life and for those I know that need Him.  Eve is very afraid today she will receive a bad diagnosis that will affect her life.  I'm praying that won't happen. When I pray, I ask God for His healing touch.  But, at the same time, I ask for God's Will.  God knows my will.  But, I ask for His Will in my life and in those that need Him.  I ask that you do likewise today.  If you have a few moments of silent prayer for my friend Eve, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you.


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