Baby Boomer Regrets

As one of the millions of the Baby Boomer Generation (Class of 1951), I have regrets that cannot be overlooked.  I think I am not alone in that feeling.  According to a Yahoo report, there are many Baby Boomers who regret not saving for retirement.  That, to me, is beyond comprehension.  I knew at age 25 I was not always going to be 25.  So, I saved, little by little, until I had a decent nest egg for retirement.  In this report one Baby Boomer stated her chief regret is that she had a family, bills and a demanding job that occupied her time.  Now, in her 50s, she states there is no retirement for her, not even a burial plan.  Most do not have the financial education to plan for their retirement.  Now, this woman is paying for her mistakes when she was young.  I've met so many baby boomers like that.  So many, in fact, until it saddens me to even write about it. 

Another regret, by a baby boomer, talked about getting herself deep into credit card debt.  For over a year, she lived off unemployment checks and her credit cards.  She maxed out all her credit cards in order to try and maintain her standard of living.  I wonder just what kind of standard of living she had.  She finally admitted it was careless money management on her part that contributed to her putting herself into this money pit.  She did get another job with less pay.  And, she has paid off about 50% of her credit card debt.  Her regret is that instead of adding to a retirement nest egg, she is continuing to use that money to pay off credit card debt.  That's also a sad story.

My biggest regret, as a Baby Boomer, is that I never took seriously the notion of starting a family.  That is something I greatly regret now at age 62. I was too self-absorbed, caring only for myself and no one else.  I didn't want the burden of a family or wife.  I eventually married at age 50.  But, that marriage didn't work out.  So, I am left alone entering my sixties and wondering what kind of children I would have had if I had thought more about my future as a family man instead of a self-centered dolt.  I have no one to blame for this but myself.  Like the above two individuals, we Baby Boomers have regrets aplenty.  All of us do.  But, like so many generations, we all have regrets that we wish we could change if we had a "do over."  Unfortunately, in the real world, there are not always happy endings. 


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