Ice Storm on the Gulf Coast

As I have stated a number of times, I live in Mobile, AL.  We are situated right on the gulf coast aka redneck riviera.  We rarely get temps in the 20s.  If we do, they are at night.  For the past week or so, we have stayed in the 20s during the daytime.  Highly unusual for this area.  As everyone has seen, the south got blasted with an unexpectedly vicious ice and snow storm this week.  Atlanta was deluged to the point that drivers on the interstate into Atlanta just up and abandoned their cars.  Motorists were stranded from Birmingham Alabama to Atlanta, Georgia.  Thankfully, there were many businesses and just plain old good Samaritans who helped people during this time of need.  We knew we had potential for snow and ice this week.  But, the amount, along with the temps in single digits, caught us all by surprise.  Temperatures are supposedly going to increase today.  Things should be back to normal here (at least our winter normal temps) over the weekend.  As I looked out my window (this is being written up on Thursday morning), the ice is still packed solid in my yard and the roads are still hazardous.  I'm not venturing out in any case for at least two hours.  The ice looks like snow.  But, I don't think we got much snow.  Mostly, it was hard falling ice.

With the notion that a picture is worth a thousand words, here are three pictures to verify how incredible this week has been weather-wise. This is looking out my front door, backyard and my truck.  Honestly, I don't know how you people up north can deal with this kind of weather for months at a time.  If you click on each pic, it will expand the size to get a good idea of what it really looks like.


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