Goodbye Comcast, Hello U-verse

After 8.5 years of high cable and internet prices, frustration with service and equally inept customer service, I cancelled Comcast cable and internet service this past Monday.  It was not an easy thing to do.  The customer service rep tried desperately to keep me with Comcast.  I have to admit, that surprised me.  He offered me all kinds of discounts to stay with them.  I'm thinking, why not offer me discounts since I was a long time (and suffering) customer?  Now, it was too late.  I had already switched to U-verse.  Comcast started putting data caps on my internet usage at 300 gigs.  They accused me of going over 300 gigs in the first three weeks of last month (December 2013).  There is simply NO WAY I used that much data in three weeks.  It's just not possible.  Be that as it may, I still didn't like the idea of limits being placed on my internet usage in any event.  Perhaps U-verse will eventually do that as well.  If they do, I'll be moving on to something else.  Maybe before that happens, everyone can have their own "internet hotspot."  I believe Comcast placed the data caps on customers to try to save the dying business model of cable TV.  Lots of people are getting their entertainment via live streaming on the internet (Hulu, and Netflix to name two).  They should know by now you can't hold back technology.  You can't stifle innovation which the internet breeds each day.  But, Comcast is going to continue to try to do just that.  Plus, Comcast continued to price gouge me with everything they could.  They stated they had not been charging me for two other outlets I had in my home.  My final cable bill was $207.  That's practically a car payment.

U-verse, thus far, is head and shoulders above Comcast in so many areas.  Don't believe what they say on the Comcast commercials about inaccurate download speeds on U-verse high speed internet.  We get more channels and faster internet speeds.  Our bill is about half of Comcast for the next 12 months.  Even when the discounts end after 12 months, we will still be saving between $30-$40 a month.  I suspect I won't be the only one moving away from the cable companies to U-verse or some other TV/internet provider.  Google and Microsoft are about to enter the TV and internet arena.  They are spreading out to select cities right now.  Comcast can do nothing to stop that either.  I may eventually leave U-verse for either Google or Microsoft someday.  But, for right now, U-verse is a very good alternative to the cable industry.  A very good, viable alternative.

DISCLAIMER:  This is not a paid endorsement for U-verse-AT&T.


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