World's Worst Serial Killers - Part II

"I'm the most cold-blooded sonofabitch you'll ever meet.  I just liked to kill, I wanted to kill." - Theodore "Ted" Bundy.

That statement, for the most part, sums up the mindset of the serial killer.  It is a characteristic trait of the psychopath; the inability to feel compassion for other people.  To the psychopathic serial killer, people are objects not worthy of mercy.  We are all inanimate objects to the serial killer.  You can expect no sympathy from these killers.  For the most part, serial killers are antisocial.  They are not comfortable around people.  They have few friends, nor do they want any.  For some of these killers, it is an adrenalin rush, a thrill to murder, time and time again.  They will never stop unless they are caught or die.  Believe it or not, psychopaths make good businessmen or world leaders.  Not all psychopaths are prone to kill.  But, given a choice, killing comes natural to the psychopath.  Most serial killers (maybe the overwhelming majority) show no fear, no anxiety compared to "normal people."  In short, they are absolutely ruthless in their "line of work."  I guess that makes sense if you think about it.  It takes someone with no remorse to kill one person.  It takes someone who is devoid of any morality to keep killing.  Can the serial killers be treated successfully by psychoanalysis and the subsequent psychiatric treatment?  The answer from the medical community is "NO."  The reason being, psychopaths don't want to change.  One such example was a serial killer named Andrei Chikatilo.

Andrei Chikatilo of the Ukraine, was known as the "Red Ripper."  He was also known as the "Butcher of Rostov."  By any name, he was considered a monster who murdered 53 women and children in the 70s and 80s.  His purpose for killing was sexual gratification.  He would stab and slash women and young girls.  He would then ejaculate during or after the murders.  Chikatilo developed a penchant for going to bus staions and railway stations to entice his potential victims to leave with him.  He would promise them money or, in the case of prostitutes, he would promise them money and alcohol. Usually Chikatilo would take his victims into a nearby forest where he would perform his ghastly deed.  Chikatilo would attempt intercourse with the women, but was unable to achieve an erection.  This would make him furious.  He would then take out his fury, over his own inadequacy, on the unfortunate victim.  Catching Chikatilo was doubly hard since the state media would bury stories about serial killers or child rapists.  The old USSR sacrificed their children in order to present a face of a utopian society.  Chikatilo was said to have started killing young boys in 1990, and also murdered two women.  Chikatilo was finally caught while trying to entice young children who were under police surveillance.  He went on trial in April of 1992.  During the trial, Chikatilo was kept in a cage due to his loud and disruptive behavior.  The cage was also intended to protect him from the many relatives of the victims who swore to kill him.  Chikatilo was found guilty on 52 of the 53 murder counts.  He was sentenced to death for each guilty verdict. 

Andrei Chikatilo was executed by firing squad on February 14, 1994.

“I am a mistake of nature, a mad beast...” -Andrei Chikatilo


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