Guest Bloggers for Paranormal Experiences

This may come as a surprise to many who have checked out our prices for those who have wanted to do guest blogging posts on David's Musings in the past.  But, be that as it may, we intend to take a few, select posts from people who have had paranormal/supernatural experiences they can share with visitors to this blog.  Now, we would like the person to have personally experienced some kind of strange, unexplained phenomena that defies explanation.  It could be a ghostly encounter, an experience with something along the "Bigfoot" lines.  In short, it has to be something you experienced and can honestly relate to a viewing audience.  It can even be something to do with UFOs.  Now, there is simply no way we could verify if someone is telling the truth, no more than producers on network TV can prove it on "Alien Encounters" or on "Paranormal Witness."   But, we do have a pretty accurate BS meter.  We can tell the difference between BS or truth 80-90% of the time.  So, if your post is not accepted, it's because it didn't pass the smell test with us.

The guest blogging post must have one pic (send your pic and backlink in EMAIL, not the doc)  that you can choose from Google stock or one of your own (if you have any "ghostly pics").  Please limit your story to 1500 words or less.  Word Count Tool is very accurate. We won't be very strict on this.  But, we would appreciate it if you did.  You get one permanent link back to your blog, website or other non-profit site IF it is related to the paranormal/supernatural topic.  No business, company or any for-profit links accepted.  Sorry, we still charge for that.  A brief bio (50 words or less) is requested.  All entries will have to be in English.  If English is a second language for you, I am afraid we won't be able to use you. 

 We have never allowed guest bloggers here before due to the large number of requests.  That is why we made such high prices for guest bloggers to cut down on the sheer number of requests.  This is a nine-year-old blog.  It might become eligible for a national landmark sometime in the future (just joking....slightly).  So, we would imagine the backlink itself would be of some value to you despite Google killing our pagerank in their updates last year.  We will consider each guest post request based on the content alone.  Again, we do have a pretty accurate BS meter.  So, be forewarned.  Also, we don't want to act like the grammar or spelling police.  But, please proofread your entries before submitting them to us.  We only do minimal editing due to lack of time we can devote to each story we are considering. 

Please use "Contact Us" link in the right column.  Place "Guest Blogger" in subject line.  Give a brief synopsis of your story. Thanks.

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