Serial Killers Who Were Freed

I was hesitant to do this blog entry.  But, since I have a tilt toward the macabre as of late, I decided I would write this post for one very specific reason.  That reason being, you just never know where these people might show up.  There is only one (that I will mention) that might be in North America.  But, if you're in Europe and reading this, I'd keep my eyes open.  But, before I go naming three serial killers who are currently free, lets get a definition of a serial killer.  A serial killer gets that kind of notoriety when he or she kills three or more people.  The thought process, currently, is that a serial killer's motivation is psychological gratification.  Most serial killers have sexual contact with their victims (ok, lets just call it what it is, it's rape).  But, the FBI says a sexual attack is not always the case with serial killers.  Some of them do it out of anger, the thrill and power it gives them or some just do it because they want attention.  With this brief definition of serial killers out of the way, lets look at three serial killers who are currently free and on the loose.

Nikolai Dzhumagaliev.  This guy is a nightmare that will not go away.  He was convicted of killing seven women.  But, many believe the more accurate number is between 50-100.  Apparently, Dzhumagaliev's demented mission in life was to rid the world of prostitutes.  He would lure them into a dark passageway or alley where he would rape them.  But, it didn't end there.  Dzhumagaliev then would murder them with an axe.  But, it doesn't end there either.  Dzhumagaliev is a cannibal. Yes, he would eat his victims. Even more horrific, he would take his victims, slice and dice them and serve them to his friends over to his home for a friendly game of cards.  He was convicted and sentenced to a mental facility.  He escaped from there once and was recaptured.  Dzhumagaliev served ten years.  He was released and is currently believed to be living with relatives in Eastern Europe. 

Pedro Lopez.  Pedro Lopez is a serial killer from Colombia.  When Lopez confessed his crimes to police, they did not believe him.  Then a flash flood unearthed a grave.  It was a grave of over 300 girls.  Pedro Lopez had raped and murdered over 300 girls from Peru, Colombia and Ecuador.  He was imprisoned in Ecuador.  Lopez served 20 years in prison for his crimes since Ecuador has no death penalty.  That was the maximum Lopez could serve.  He was released back to his native country of Colombia. He is currently being searched for by Interpol for another murder in 2002.  He favors Latin girls, especially those who are destitute.  The possibility exists he may even be in the USA on the southwest border looking for his next victims to swim across the Rio Grande.  He is a monster.
Issei Sagawa.   Sagawa is a well educated man from Japan.  He was a student of literature at the famous Sorbonne Academy in Paris back in the '80s.  In 1981, his first (and apparently only) victim was a Dutch student who he invited over for dinner.  What the student didn't know was that she was the main course for dinner that night.  She was shot and was eaten by Sagawa.  The student's name was RenĂ©e Hartevelt.  There was no other mention of victims by Sagawa by the articles I have researched.  Regardless, he is characterized as a serial killer.  I'm not sure why unless it was due to the nature of his horrible crime of murder and then cannibalizing his victim.  Sagawa served only 15 months in prison for the murder of this unfortunate girl.  He become something of a celebrity in Tokyo (if you can believe that).  Sagawa has actually starred in movies, been a guest speaker at public events and written two books.  I'm hopeful neither one is a cookbook.


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