Retirement in a Small Town

I've always been a small town kind of guy.  Living here in Mobile, AL, most would say I achieved my goal until you realize this is a city of about 150K plus.  I guess it depends on your definition of "small."  My definition of a small town is 10K or less.  Preferably less in my case.  Now, the single factor that holds back most retirees is the cliquish society that permeates most townspeople in the Mayberry type small town we imagine.  While I concede that is true in some small towns, the overall congeniality of people in small towns overcomes the snobbery associated with the thought process that new people are viewed as "outsiders."  Most people, in small towns, are not polluted by the insensitivities of living in a cold, impersonal large city. The quality of life in small towns is much higher and crime, generally speaking, is considered much lower.  For the prospective retiree, retirement in a small town is considered a very possible destination spot to settle during their retirement years.  The following towns are considered among the retirement small towns for retirees by USA TODAY's John Brady.

Old Saybrook - Old Saybrook, CT is a very old town of approximately 10,000 residents.  It was founded in 1635.  So, for history buffs who just happen to be retirees, this is a goldmine for you.  Old New England charm and hospitality, along with beautiful beaches makes this a viable choice for retirees seeking an escape from the hectic big city life.

Beaufort, S.C. - I have first hand knowledge of this little town.  It is largely a retirement community with access to all the amenities of the large cities.  It has many social events geared to the retirement genre.  It has a population of about 11K.  But, again, the vast majority of residents are retirees who enjoy the quaint slow paced life of this small Southern town.  I thoroughly enjoyed my stay here about two years ago.  It is a place I considered relocating to before I decided to stay in my hometown.

Evergreen, CO. - This small little town is located about 15 miles west of Denver.  This little town is more suitable to the more affluent retiree.  It has less than 10K in population.  It does provide access to Bear Creek Canyon, a popular tourist spot as well.

Now, there are many more small towns in the USA suitable for your retirement years if that is your preference.  These are three to consider.  By no means are they the best for the retiree.  I suggest you do research on each small town.  Consider social activities, medical facilities and public transportation as well.  The writer of the USA TODAY article did not provide a lot of research on the above three cities.  So, I suggest you check into them more yourself if you are considering any of the three for your retirement years.  The AARP has a list of ten great small towns to consider.  You can view that article by clicking HERE.


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