New Blog - The Retirement Life

I had originally intended to make a first entry on Worst Serial Killers as part of a series I intend to do.  That will be for another day.  Today I want to promote my new blog, The Retirement Life.  My retirement articles here generated a lot of traffic.  I still plan on doing entries on retirement here.  But, it will be mostly articles about retirement planning or retirement news that retirees may have overlooked. The Retirement Life blog focuses on the lighter side of retirement for the most part.  However, in direct contradiction to what I just said, there will be a serious side as well.  There will be entries on my everyday life, what I'm doing in my retirement and so on.  I'm not educated enough to give sound advice on how you should plan your retirement financially.  However, if i see something in the news that looks promising, I will mention it on The Retirement Life or, most likely, I will mention it here. 

This is really my first endeavor outside blogger.com.  Blogger is great insofar as first timers and newbies.  But, SEO is rather constrained here.  It appears Google has no plans to update this site for SEO for reasons only they can explain.  Now, when you go to my new retirement blog, you will see a basic, bare bones type of site.  I am still experimenting with a few things.  But, I am posting content.  Content is king and always will be.  Those of you 50+. I hope you will give my new blog a visit.  Those of you younger, you are welcome as well.  If nothing else, just say hello.  But, I'm interested in helping those who are approaching retirement.  Just as importantly, I want to help those in their post-retirement years if I can.  I hope to see you there.


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