Sprite: Cure for Hangover?

There was a report last month that gave hope for those that drink a bit too much.  Ok, those that drink way too much.  In any case, the report shows promise.  The report goes on to state that alcohol, in the drink itself, does not cause hangover (which is a surprise to me).  Instead, it is caused by one of the chemical byproducts produced when our bodies metabolize ethanol.
Ethanol is then broken down into acetaldehyde which is thought to cause the effects of the morning enemy known as a hangover.  So, after trying a number of different drinks to inhibit the painful effects of a hangover, scientists discovered that two drinks in particular, Sprite and soda water, increased aldehyde dehydrogenase activity.  In layman's terms that means it significantly lessened the effect of a hangover.  Studies are ongoing and caution is advised to not to go binge drinking with the thought that Sprite will take care of everything in the morning.

Most people always have known that Sprite (or 7-Up) helped with an upset stomach, diarrhea or the flu.  I can remember many times as a child being forced to drink 7-Up or ginger ale when I had a bad cold.  I still keep Sprite or ginger ale on standby during the cold and flu season (which is rapidly coming on us).   I can remember, when I was in the Navy, being told to drink Sprite or 7-Up after one of our all nighters in downtown Naples, Italy.  I honestly don't remember if it helped me or not.  It's been many years ago.  But, if I ever do get a hangover again, I'll remember to try Sprite.  The lemon-limed flavored drink apparently is going to get even more respect now because of this study.  I'm not a heavy drinker by no means.  But, I'll keep a couple cans of Sprite handy just in case. 


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