Unexplained Phenomena

There are unexplained, strange phenomena around this great country of ours.  In each state there is at least one thing that is...well, something that can't be explained away. Most people either laugh about it, fear it or ignore it. But, there are strange things going on in virtually every state in the USA that defies logical explanations.  For example, in my home state of Alabama, in the quaint little town of McCalla a humming noise started up for no reason in the latter part of 2011.  No source for the humming noise has ever been found.  Some residents stated that the humming noise started up after the power came back on after going out for a period of time.  Some say it sounds like sirens far off and others say it sounds like locusts in the distance.  Even more odd, the closer you get to the noise, the less the noise resonates in that direction.  The noise then resonates in the opposite direction from which you came.  I have found no other evidence on the internet if it has stopped.  With this little appetizer, let's look at a few more states with some unexplained, bizarre phenomenon.

In Guy, Arkansas there have been nearly 500 earthquakes in just a few weeks last September.  They have experienced as many as 15 earthquakes in one day!  The U.S. Geological Survey stated that the earthquakes are taking place less than a mile below the surface.  Some residents placed the blame on the local gravel company as the culprit for the earthquakes.  This was soon discounted.  No explanation has yet to be found.

In Georgia, two men on a hunting trip in July 2008 spotted an animal that was very similar to Velociraptor in Jurassic Park.  They described the animal to be about five feet tall, a long tail, huge claws on both feet and small arms.  The animal purportedly sniffed the air in their direction, didn't like what he smelt and took off into the bushes.  Personally, I think these guys were sniffing something themselves that night.

In Lawson, Missouri, locals there talk about coal black-eyed children who show up at their doors periodically.   This started in 2009.  There are also reports of black-eyed children appearing at doorsteps around the world.

This next story will remind you of the movie, "Cowboys and Aliens."  On June 6, 1884 cowboys were rounding up cattle in a remote part of Nebraska.  They suddenly saw a large object crash from the sky.  When they came upon the crash site they say a 50-foot cylindrical object that was generating intense heat.  The newspaper reported that four days later, a heavy rain came through the area.  The paper said that all that was left was a substance resembling salt.  No other investigation was ever made into the incident.

In Brick, New Jersey, someone or something hung up 17 newly pressed shirts in a small patch of land on October 17, 1999.  All the shirts were white and were clean.  Twelve days later, 29 shirts were hung up in the same manner.  All the shirts were about 20 feet up in trees.  No determination has ever been made who or why the shirts were ever placed there.

On December 26, 1933, every airport in New York City was asked to turn on their landing lights in hopes that the "Ghost Plane" could find its way to land.  People could hear the plane circling the city in a heavy snowstorm.  All attempts to contact the plane by radio had failed.  No one was able to find out where the plane was from or what they were doing over New York City.  By nightfall, police were receiving numerous  calls about the plane that seemed to be getting lower and lower.  But, the plane just disappeared and no crashes were ever reported.

Finally, in Saratoga, Texas, on a dirt path called Bragg Road, a mysterious light appears randomly throughout the night.  The light sways from side to side as if it were a lantern from a railroad worker.  Some witnesses who have fled the light say the light has followed them in their car as they attempt to get away.  What exactly causes the light has never been determined.

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