Five Strange Phobias

Phobias.  We all have them, don't we?  I have a morbid fear of heights (Acrophobia).   I used to climb tall pine trees when I was about eight years of age.  One day, as I was climbing a really tall pine tree,  I slipped and was headed for paralysis or death.  Luckily, I managed to grab a limb before I hit bottom.  I never recovered.  I have been deathly afraid of heights ever since.  I have another phobia; fear of getting lost.  That means driving or walking in the woods.  It is called Mazeophobia.  I probably have other phobias as well.  Fear of enclosed places (Claustrophobia), fear of crowds (Enochlophobia) and probably several more if I take time to stop and think about them all.  I'm just a phobia monster, I guess.  Anyway, I thought it might be fun to post five strange phobias I have found on the internet.

1.  Fear of Having a Phobia (Phobophobia).   I have to place this one #1.  A phobia of having phobias?  Damn.  You spend the rest of your life fearing you may have a phobia?  Imagine the the different conflicts you have on a daily basis...."Do I have a phobia of traffic lights?  A fear of supermarkets?  A fear of light?  Well, yes, actually.  Which brings me to #2.

2.  Fear of Sunlight (Heliophobia).   Ok, if you are a vampire, I can understand you having Heliophobia.  But, for us average folks who prefer to dine on meat, vegetables, etc., this is a little bit out there.  Maybe it has something to do with the fear of skin cancer (which I'm sure lots of people have a phobia about).  Melanoma is nothing to play around with for any reason.  But, this is a very unusual phobia.  Imagine everyday life, once again.  Do you only go out at night?  Spooky.

3.   Fear of Dancing (Chorophobia).  Lots of men probably have this phobia.  I can safely say I am one of them.  I've never been a Fred Astaire by any means on the dance floor. On my wedding day, I had to dance with my wife.  It was so awkward, I asked her if I could lead for a while.  

4.   Fear of Sexual Relations (Genophobia).  I've actually met quite a few people (especially women) who had this phobia.  It's nothing to make light of obviously.  Some get psychiatric counseling and it helps them.  Still others go through life unable to consummate any relationship due to their morbid fear of sex.  This is a sad phobia because I personally know a girl who has this phobia.  She is a very lonely person as you can imagine.

5.   Fear of Numbers (Arithmophobia).   I fully admit I had never heard of this phobia.  But, it makes sense if you were poor at math as I was when I was in school.  I can remember in the 5th grade my math teacher putting up long division problems to be solved on the chalk board.  They might as well have been in Greek as far as I was concerned.  This is a very unusual phobia. It's probably one that many can identify with or have had at some point in their lives.

If you would like to see the full list of phobias, you can click HERE to see them all.  Most I had never heard of before.  Some defy rhyme or reason to me.  But, I find them interesting.  Maybe you will also.  Who knows?  You may find you have as many phobias as I do....or not.  I might be a world-wide leader in phobias. 


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