Ralph: The Great Escape

As many long time followers of this blog will attest, I bought a six-week old beagle puppy not long after I started up this blog back in April of 2008.  Ralph was the second beagle I have ever owed.  The first one, Mister, was with me throughout most of the days in elementary school.  Ralph has been with me during some of the happiest and darkest days of my life these past five years.  He was only about four-months old when Hurricane Katrina hit us here on the gulf coast (Katrina actually caused a lot of damage outside of New Orleans believe it or not).  We were both scared that day.  We both endured the heat, humidity and chaos following that hurricane.  Ralph was a comfort for me during my recovery process of divorce.  To be honest, he has been more of a good friend than just a pet.  Sure, he drives me crazy sometimes.  He is the only dog on earth, I believe, who can tell time.  He knows when it is 4PM because that is when he goes to get his harness to take me walking...yes, you read that correctly, to take me walking!  He sits and watches TV with me.  He seems to enjoy football as much as I do.  He barks a lot during a football game for some reason.  So, Ralph is much more than just a dog; Ralph is my best friend. I even wrote a three-part series about a journey Ralph and I took together.

With all this said, you can't possibly imagine my shock when I walked out my back door to not see Ralph in the fenced-in yard.  There is nowhere for him to hide in the backyard.  I have one giant oak tree.  But, I quickly saw that he wasn't behind it. Frantic, I started calling him.  I got no answer.  I got this really nauseated, sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.  Ralph has never tried to leave home, even on the few times I forgot to lock the gate.  My thought was that someone took him.  But, I quickly dismissed that idea.  If even a bird lands in the backyard, Ralph barks with hysterical outrage and chases off the bird.  So, if some foolhardy individual would have tried to take Ralph from his backyard, I would have heard him barking incessantly.  No way anybody took Ralph.  I searched the entire neighborhood for three hours.  I even enlisted the help from some neighbors whom I have seldom spoken to for various reasons.  We couldn't find him.  I was beyond frantic.  I have no children.  I can't imagine what a parent endures with a missing child.  But, a missing Ralph had me so sick, I had to pull my car off the road so I could throw up.  Ralph went missing sometime Friday afternoon.  I gave up searching about 10PM Friday night.  I stayed up to about 1AM Saturday morning hoping I would hear that familiar bark.  No such luck.  I tossed and turned all night with little, if any, sleep.

I got up Saturday morning about 6AM not able to sleep.  This is the time I put on coffee, fix my breakfast and then breakfast for Ralph.  I was thinking he might be waiting for me at the back door.  But, he was not there.  I was just heart-sick with worry and the realization I might not ever see my old friend again.  It seems just as my ex-wife and I are on the road to reconciliation, my friend who helped me through the divorce is now gone.  I admit, I broke down and cried.  I felt it just wasn't fair, not fair at all, that Ralph be taken from me now.  I tried drinking some coffee, I couldn't do it.  Breakfast was out of the question.  So, I decided before I begin my search again that morning, I would look to see how Ralph got out of the fence.  I have a 8x12 shed about 50 feet from my house and about 2 feet from the back fence.  I checked behind the shed to discover how Ralph got out.  We have experienced heavy rains along the gulf coast.  The ground had given way just behind the shed and provided an opening under the fence.  I decided I would get some top soil and cover that up before I went looking for Ralph.  As I turned to open the door to the shed, I heard scratching on the gate of my privacy fence.  I quickly went over, opened the gate and there stands the prettiest sight on four legs I have ever seen!!!!  Ralph launched at me and almost knocked me down.  He was as happy to see me as I was to see him.  He gave me a brutal licking and pawing.  He was dirty from the tip of his tail to the tip of his black nose.  He had a couple of scratches around his left floppy ear.  But, other than that, he was in great shape.

I got Ralph a bath at a local pet shampoo salon, took him to the vet to be checked out and he got a couple of shots.  After that, I grilled Ralph and I a couple of T-Bone steaks Saturday afternoon (which is a once a month enjoyment for him and me both).  I guess I'll never know what Ralph did or where he went on his big adventure into the vast, wild world in which we live.  Right now, I don't even care.  I was at the point Saturday morning to where I didn't think I would ever see Ralph again.  But, like he always does, Ralph proved me wrong.  I feel a sense of overwhelming relief as I type this.  I had this dread I would be writing Ralph's obituary as I was sure someone would find him lying dead on a road somewhere.  Like I said, I guess I'll never know where Ralph went or what he did on his great escape.  Those scratches on the ear tell me in got into it with a cat or maybe a opossum.   One thing is for certain, he will have to sprout wings to fly if he intends to escape again.  I have made sure of that with additional fencing beneath my privacy fence.  I will never know what he did while he was gone. Maybe it's best I don't.  But, while Ralph can tell you when it is 4PM, he doesn't seem interested in talking about his adventure.  I doubt he would even if he could!  And I'm ok with that.  I'm just glad my old friend is home.


Mysterious Disappearances

Continuing my recent fascination into the supernatural, macabre, strange and the unusual, I now will list a few noteworthy and some not so noteworthy disappearances of people, things and....well, what have you. Today I will discuss people such as Amelia Earhart who was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic. In an attempt to make a circumnavigational flight in 1937, Earhart disappeared without a trace (thus far) over the central Pacific Ocean near Howland Island.  However, in the latest attempt to find out what happened to the famed aviator, photos have shown up in a New Zealand museum archive that could prove Amelia Earhart lived as a castaway until her ultimate demise.  No trace of the plane flown by Amelia Earhart and her navigator, Fred Noonan, has ever been found.  There have been some traces of what some think are parts from airplanes.  But, no concrete proof that the plane belonged to Earhart. Let's now take a look at some other mysterious disappearances.

Virginia Dare.    How many even know she was purportedly the first child born to English parents in the New World?  Virginia was born in 1587 to a family that was part of the original 120 settlers who settled on Roanoke Island off the coast of North Carolina.  Virginia Dare's grandfather, who was governor of colony, left for England to secure more funding for the settlement.  He returned three years later to find not a single trace of the colonists, including little Virginia Dare.  The only thing left that could have given a hint of the whereabouts was the word "Croatan" that was left on a settlement post.  Virginia and the rest of the colonists forever became known as "The Lost Colony."

Percy Fawcett.  A British archaeologist and thought to be the real life inspiration for "Indiana Jones,"  Percy Fawcett, along with his son Jack and a man named Raleigh Rimell set off into the deep Amazon jungle to find a mythical lost city known simply as "Z."  The were never heard from again.  They were last seen crossing the Upper Xingu River which is a tributary of the Amazon River.  In 1927 a nameplate was found by locals.  Many suspect they were most likely killed and eaten as prizes by cannibals in the Amazon interior.

Michael Rockefeller.  Michael was the youngest son of New York governor Nelson Rockefeller and a fourth generation of the famous Rockefeller family.  In 1961, Michael took part in an expedition that was to explore New Guinea.  On November 17, 1961, Michael was riding in a canoe with a Dutch anthropologist named RenĂ© Wassing when the canoe overturned.  Mr. Wassing managed to swim to shore.  However, Michael Rockefeller did not surface and was never found.  There were rumors that he did survive and, like the unfortunate Percy Fawcett, was eaten by cannibals. 

Harold Holt.  Imagine the President of the United States just suddenly disappearing on a vacation (lots of irony here, I acknowledge) and without a trace.  Conspirators would have a field day.  But, that is precisely what happened to the Australian Prime Minister in December of 1967.  Prime Minister Holt went for a swim and was consequently never found.  Many believe he was washed away by rip currents at the beach.  A massive manhunt did not turn up the body or any trace of him.

Judge Joe Crater.   One of the enduring mysteries of New York lore.  Judge Crater, who was an associate Justice in the New York Supreme Court, was thought to be corrupt and involved with the Mafia of 1930.  Both the judge and his girlfriend, Sally Lou Ritz, were the subject of the largest manhunt in New York during the 20th Century.  Some say they both were murdered by the Mafia for nefarious activities that caused their ultimate demise.  Still other rumors had them going to Rio de Janeiro to live out their lives.  In over 80 years, there is no clue as to whatever became of them.

Glenn Miller.  One of the most popular Jazz musians of the 1940s, Miller was on his way to recently liberated Paris aboard a single-engine Norseman over the English Channel.  Glenn Miller was to play for the troops in the newly freed city of Paris.  No trace of Miller or the plane has ever been found.  Some speculate his plane was hit by dropped ordinance from English bombers as they prepared to land.  However, no one really knows what happened to this famous musician. 

D.B. Cooper.  Much has been made of D.B. Cooper since he parachuted out that Boeing 727 over the state of Washington.  Movies, songs and even poems were made about this hijacker.  In 1971, D.B. Cooper collected a ransom of $200,000 in order to free all of the crew aboard the jet airliner.  He supposedly jumped at 10,000 feet.  For nine years nothing was ever heard about him until a boy playing on the banks of the Columbia River found a stack of decaying bills that were later found to be part of the ransom paid to Cooper.  To many, this suggested he was killed.  To others, it suggested it was part of his plan to make people think he died.  None of the other money has ever been found. 

an associate justice for the Supreme Court for the State of New York Read more: http://www.toptenz.net/top-10-most-mysterious-disappearances-in-history.php#ixzz2cjBKi6pm
Read more at http://www.toptenz.net/top-10-most-mysterious-disappearances-in-history.php#JOklTD16gbOo8vVE.99
an associate justice for the Supreme Court for the State of New York Read more: http://www.toptenz.net/top-10-most-mysterious-disappearances-in-history.php#ixzz2cjBKi6pm
Read more at http://www.toptenz.net/top-10-most-mysterious-disappearances-in-history.php#JOklTD16gbOo8vVE.99


Unexplained Phenomena

There are unexplained, strange phenomena around this great country of ours.  In each state there is at least one thing that is...well, something that can't be explained away. Most people either laugh about it, fear it or ignore it. But, there are strange things going on in virtually every state in the USA that defies logical explanations.  For example, in my home state of Alabama, in the quaint little town of McCalla a humming noise started up for no reason in the latter part of 2011.  No source for the humming noise has ever been found.  Some residents stated that the humming noise started up after the power came back on after going out for a period of time.  Some say it sounds like sirens far off and others say it sounds like locusts in the distance.  Even more odd, the closer you get to the noise, the less the noise resonates in that direction.  The noise then resonates in the opposite direction from which you came.  I have found no other evidence on the internet if it has stopped.  With this little appetizer, let's look at a few more states with some unexplained, bizarre phenomenon.

In Guy, Arkansas there have been nearly 500 earthquakes in just a few weeks last September.  They have experienced as many as 15 earthquakes in one day!  The U.S. Geological Survey stated that the earthquakes are taking place less than a mile below the surface.  Some residents placed the blame on the local gravel company as the culprit for the earthquakes.  This was soon discounted.  No explanation has yet to be found.

In Georgia, two men on a hunting trip in July 2008 spotted an animal that was very similar to Velociraptor in Jurassic Park.  They described the animal to be about five feet tall, a long tail, huge claws on both feet and small arms.  The animal purportedly sniffed the air in their direction, didn't like what he smelt and took off into the bushes.  Personally, I think these guys were sniffing something themselves that night.

In Lawson, Missouri, locals there talk about coal black-eyed children who show up at their doors periodically.   This started in 2009.  There are also reports of black-eyed children appearing at doorsteps around the world.

This next story will remind you of the movie, "Cowboys and Aliens."  On June 6, 1884 cowboys were rounding up cattle in a remote part of Nebraska.  They suddenly saw a large object crash from the sky.  When they came upon the crash site they say a 50-foot cylindrical object that was generating intense heat.  The newspaper reported that four days later, a heavy rain came through the area.  The paper said that all that was left was a substance resembling salt.  No other investigation was ever made into the incident.

In Brick, New Jersey, someone or something hung up 17 newly pressed shirts in a small patch of land on October 17, 1999.  All the shirts were white and were clean.  Twelve days later, 29 shirts were hung up in the same manner.  All the shirts were about 20 feet up in trees.  No determination has ever been made who or why the shirts were ever placed there.

On December 26, 1933, every airport in New York City was asked to turn on their landing lights in hopes that the "Ghost Plane" could find its way to land.  People could hear the plane circling the city in a heavy snowstorm.  All attempts to contact the plane by radio had failed.  No one was able to find out where the plane was from or what they were doing over New York City.  By nightfall, police were receiving numerous  calls about the plane that seemed to be getting lower and lower.  But, the plane just disappeared and no crashes were ever reported.

Finally, in Saratoga, Texas, on a dirt path called Bragg Road, a mysterious light appears randomly throughout the night.  The light sways from side to side as if it were a lantern from a railroad worker.  Some witnesses who have fled the light say the light has followed them in their car as they attempt to get away.  What exactly causes the light has never been determined.

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Strange Facts About Some Famous People

I guess what constitutes "famous" is a subjective term in the minds of most people.  Some may think everyone ever appearing on the silver screen in Hollywood is famous.  Some think all U.S. Presidents are famous.  It is all in what you think or what the consensus is that puts the "famous" moniker in front of someone.  Sports figures, Hollywood celebrities, politicians and, in some venues, criminals can be considered famous such as serial murderer John Wayne Gacy (for his artwork in prison).  So, it should come as no surprise that many of these so-called famous people have some unusual or strange facts about them that few people know or are aware.  For example, few know that the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, was a natural blonde.  I bet you can't imagine a blonde Elvis.  In fact, Elvis was known more for his black hair longer than he ever was as a  blonde.  So, with that little morsel of information thrown out there, let's look at a few more strange facts about "famous people."

Mark Wahlberg.    Few people even remember he was the front man for the band Marky Mark and the Fun Bunch.  He is one of the most sought after actors in film today.  However, earlier in life, he was not so respected.  In 1998, Mark Wahlberg was arrested for a racially motivated attack that left one of two victims blind.  He was initially charged with attempted murder.  However, he only spent 45 days in jail for this unprovoked attack.

Martin Luther King Jr.   A surprising fact about the civil rights leader is that Dr. King was an avid Star Trek fan.  Dr. King was instrumental in convincing Nichell Nichols (Lt. Uhura) to stay on Star Trek rather than pursue a career on Broadway.  I can't imagine anyone else as Chief Communications Officer of the Enterprise.  Incidentally, Nichelle Nichols became part of the first interracial kiss on network television when she kissed Capt. Kirk (William Shatner) on a Star Trek episode. 

Steve Jobs.   Obviously, one of the most famous and respected innovators in the history of computer technology.  He was also one of the quirkiest people around.   Steve Jobs supposedly became a vegan because he was led to believe that a vegetable diet would not necessitate him ever taking a bath again.  An incredibly intelligent man.  But, perhaps, a bit lacking in common sense.

Bill Gates.   If you going to talk about Steve Jobs, you naturally have to discuss Bill Gates.  In high school, a young Bill Gates was tasked with writing code for a program that scheduled classes.  Showing the ingenuity and foresight he would later use to develop the Microsoft dynasty, Bill Gates altered the program so that he would be in classes with the majority of the students being female.  I don't care who you are.  You got to love a guy who is this ingenious. 

Mel Blanc.   Famous for the voices of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Yosmite Sam, to name just a few, Mel Blanc was in a near fatal car crash in 1961 that caused him to have a fractured skull which put him in a coma for three weeks.  Doctors were unable to get Mel Blanc to respond to commands.  In desperation, one doctor asked him, "Bugs, can you hear me?"  Mel, in his Bugs Bunny voice that is recognized all over the world, said, "Yeeeee, what's up doc?"  From that point on, doctors were able to address him with the cartoon character persona and he would respond until he came out of the coma.  The "What's up doc" line stuck with him until his death in July of 1989.

Woody Harrelson.   An A-List actor of such films as The People vs Larry Flynt, Anger Management and Natural Born Killers, few know Woody Harrelson's father was a contract killer.  Charles Harrelson was convicted of killing Federal Judge John H. Wood, Jr. and a grain dealer named Sam Degalis Jr.  Woody had little, if anything, to do with his father as a result. Charles Harrelson died in the maximum security prison in Florence, Colorado of heart disease in March of 2007. 

James Earl Jones.    A character actor throughout most of his career, he is best known for having one of the most iconic voices in history (This Is CNN).  What many people do not know is that Mr. Jones was a severe stutterer as a child.  He was so ashamed of it, he remained completely silent for almost eight years.

I admit I knew none of the above except the information about Woody Harrelson's father.  I saw a documentary about his father killing a federal judge, the first known case of an assassination of a federal judge.  These are just a few strange facts I've found in research on the internet about famous people.  I'm sure there are many more. 


The Story of the Miracle Priest

A drunk driver hit Katie Lentz, of Quincy, Mo, head-on in a collision in an August 4 accident on Route 19 near Center, Missouri. The 19-year-old woman was pinned in the front seat of her demolished car. She was in critical condition. Rescue crews were doing all they could to extract Katie from the front seat. With her condition worsening by the minute, Katie asked rescue crews to pray with her. Before first responders could reply, a man who appeared to be a Catholic priest appeared out of nowhere. There was a two-mile perimeter around the accident to prevent people from entering the scene. But, this man just suddenly appeared at the scene. "He began to pray and use the anointing oil," New London Fire Chief Raymond Reed said. "There was a calmness that, to me, seemed to come over the entire scene."   The situation, which was dire and frantic, suddenly became calm and tranquil, according to the Fire Chief.  Also, the extraction tools which had been failing, suddenly started working when the man showed up.   Katie survived with broken legs and ribs.  But, the mysterious man disappeared before the emergency crew and Katie could thank him. 

Now, I know what many are thinking.  Some may say this was an angel sent to help this young lady as she cried out in prayer.  Others will say there is a logical explanation to this.  It may be this man will come forth and identity himself.  There is no concrete proof he was even a Catholic priest.  He just appeared to be a priest.  At this point, I don't know what to believe.  It's entirely possibly this "man" was an angel.  It's odd he was able to get around a two mile perimeter, cordoned off, without being noticed and stopped.  Emergency crews say he just appeared suddenly.  I do believe in God, Heaven and Angels.  Whether this was a case of an angel sent to help this young lady, I simply don't know.  I do know that something similar happened to me, although it was not nearly this dramatic.  I was simply pumping gas at a Shell station about five years ago.  I noticed a man come up behind me and I immediately stiffened, thinking he was going to mug me.  But, that wasn't the case at all.  He seemed genuinely destitute.  He asked if I could spare some money.  I was thinking, ok, anything to get rid of the guy.  I had two dollars in my wallet and gave it to him.  He seemed very pleased with just that two dollars.  He thanked me and I wished him good luck.  As I took the gas nozzle from my car, I looked to see where he was going.  He had completely disappeared.  There were no cars around me before and after I gave him that two dollars.  There was no way he could run off that quickly.

I remember my late mother telling me that God sends angels amongst us in ways we can not imagine.  People you meet, in everyday life, may be one, just as this priest could have been, just as this destitute man could have been.  I guess I'll never know if that old, disheveled man was an angel, just as Katie Lenz may never know if that Catholic priest was an angel.  But, in my heart of hearts, I do believe I came in contact with an angel.  We'll just have to wait and see if Katie's "angel" makes himself known....or not


Blog Update

It's been quite a while since I did an update on this blog.  Seems like at least a couple of years or so.  Anyway, I do this from time to time to give updates about the blog, about me and so forth.  I think in my last update, I discussed  the amount of spam I was getting.  I am happy to report spam has died down quite a bit.  I attribute that to two things;  a downgrade from PR3 to PR1 and comment moderation.  The loss of Page Rank is not surprising.  After I went from a sub-domain (davidsmusingsthoughts.blogspot.com) to my present domain name (davidsmusings.com), I expected my PR to go down to "0."  Google did not disappoint.  I am presently at PR1.  What surprises me is that I have been at PR1 for about 8 months now.  When I first started this blog, I went from PR0 to PR3 in about 3 or 4 months.  It appears that Google is being more and more picky with Page Rank.  Regardless, people don't seem to want to drop their spam comments here as much as they once did due to my loss of Page Rank.  That's both a blessing and disappointment.  I now hold all comments in moderation.  At one time, I did not moderate comments on posts that were two weeks old or older.  The spammers soon saw through that tactic.  So, now, I hold all comments on all posts (regardless of age) in moderation.  Usually, spammers will make an innocuous comment such as "great post, can I learn more information, did you research this topic, blah, blah, blah."  Of course, they always leave a link to a for-profit company which I forbid (as indicated in comment notifications).

So, despite this blog being downgraded to a PR1 for such a long time, my traffic does seem to be picking up.  I attribute some of that to my posts on interesting subjects, such as in "Dark Day in New England, Summers at Grandma's House," and so on.  I've also given thought to changing the template after so long a time.  I don't really like changing templates as so many blog owners are prone to do.  This one has served me well.  But, it is really difficult to find a good 3-column template for a blog these days. Heck, it seems that there are fewer and fewer real bloggers these days.  But, as long as I have something to say, I will continue to blog.  With that thought, my next subject....

As I mentioned previously, my ex-wife and I are on the road to reconciliation.  I intend to spend more and more time with her.  She lives about six hours away.  I'll be living with her for weeks at a time.  This means less time devoted to this blog.  Right now, I try to post twice a week (Monday and Friday).  That may drop to once a week.  I may even go weeks without blogging.  I'm not sure right now. It depends on how much time I can devote to this endeavor.  In any case, this blog will remain open for business.  I don't plan on leaving it like I did about two years ago.  I've put too much time and effort in this blog then to just abandon it.  I'll find time to blog about something once in a while.  I can't let go of my "old friend."  As always, if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, criticisms, please don't hesitate to contact me at the email link above my profile.


Football Season Is Upon Us Again

It's that time of the year.  The long summer days start to shorten just a tad.  Oh, it's still blazing hot outside, especially here on the Gulf Coast.  But, football season is just around the corner.  Fall practice is starting up on college campuses around the nation.  The NFL pre-season is about to start with the NFL Hall of Fame ceremonies over the weekend.  I'm not really that much into the pro game.  I was very much a pro football fan as a youngster.  But, I am more interested in the college and high school game now.  I'm particularly into college football as an ardent University of Alabama football fan.  Alabama is going for an unprecedented three BCS National Championships in a row (in the modern era).   Alabama is currently ranked #1 in the coaches poll.  At this time of year, it means next to nothing.  Alabama faces a monumental task in just the second game of the season.  They must travel to College Station, TX to take on the Texas A&M Aggies who were the only team to beat Alabama last year (in Tuscaloosa, no less).  Alabama will be favored to win.  But, as we saw last year, that means absolutely nothing.  Since Alabama is in the SEC, they must bring their "A Game" every week...or else forget making history.

I love this time of year.  Autumn leaves will be falling in about two months or so.  Football season will be in full swing.  I'll be glued to my HDTV Thursday nights (and Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday nights later in the season) and all day on Saturday.  College GameDay with Chris Fowler, Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit starts off the college football experience on Saturday mornings.  That is a two-hour broadcast of the day's games that I never miss.  I will probably wear out another remote this season as I go back and forth between games.  I might watch some NFL football on Sunday.  But, that's very rare for me.  I like the Green Bay Packers.  If they are playing, I will probably watch the entire game.  I'm just happy football season is back.  It's been a long time since Alabama demolished Notre Dame for the BCSCG in January.  Let the games begin!


Five Strange Phobias

Phobias.  We all have them, don't we?  I have a morbid fear of heights (Acrophobia).   I used to climb tall pine trees when I was about eight years of age.  One day, as I was climbing a really tall pine tree,  I slipped and was headed for paralysis or death.  Luckily, I managed to grab a limb before I hit bottom.  I never recovered.  I have been deathly afraid of heights ever since.  I have another phobia; fear of getting lost.  That means driving or walking in the woods.  It is called Mazeophobia.  I probably have other phobias as well.  Fear of enclosed places (Claustrophobia), fear of crowds (Enochlophobia) and probably several more if I take time to stop and think about them all.  I'm just a phobia monster, I guess.  Anyway, I thought it might be fun to post five strange phobias I have found on the internet.

1.  Fear of Having a Phobia (Phobophobia).   I have to place this one #1.  A phobia of having phobias?  Damn.  You spend the rest of your life fearing you may have a phobia?  Imagine the the different conflicts you have on a daily basis...."Do I have a phobia of traffic lights?  A fear of supermarkets?  A fear of light?  Well, yes, actually.  Which brings me to #2.

2.  Fear of Sunlight (Heliophobia).   Ok, if you are a vampire, I can understand you having Heliophobia.  But, for us average folks who prefer to dine on meat, vegetables, etc., this is a little bit out there.  Maybe it has something to do with the fear of skin cancer (which I'm sure lots of people have a phobia about).  Melanoma is nothing to play around with for any reason.  But, this is a very unusual phobia.  Imagine everyday life, once again.  Do you only go out at night?  Spooky.

3.   Fear of Dancing (Chorophobia).  Lots of men probably have this phobia.  I can safely say I am one of them.  I've never been a Fred Astaire by any means on the dance floor. On my wedding day, I had to dance with my wife.  It was so awkward, I asked her if I could lead for a while.  

4.   Fear of Sexual Relations (Genophobia).  I've actually met quite a few people (especially women) who had this phobia.  It's nothing to make light of obviously.  Some get psychiatric counseling and it helps them.  Still others go through life unable to consummate any relationship due to their morbid fear of sex.  This is a sad phobia because I personally know a girl who has this phobia.  She is a very lonely person as you can imagine.

5.   Fear of Numbers (Arithmophobia).   I fully admit I had never heard of this phobia.  But, it makes sense if you were poor at math as I was when I was in school.  I can remember in the 5th grade my math teacher putting up long division problems to be solved on the chalk board.  They might as well have been in Greek as far as I was concerned.  This is a very unusual phobia. It's probably one that many can identify with or have had at some point in their lives.

If you would like to see the full list of phobias, you can click HERE to see them all.  Most I had never heard of before.  Some defy rhyme or reason to me.  But, I find them interesting.  Maybe you will also.  Who knows?  You may find you have as many phobias as I do....or not.  I might be a world-wide leader in phobias. 

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