Police Abuse #4

In Auburn, Alabama, former Auburn police officer Justin Hanners claims that the local police force operates on a ticket and arrest quota system.  I'm sure most people have always suspected that police departments operate on ticket quotas.  But, I had never heard of an arrest quota before now.  In any case, Mr. Hanners was fired because he didn't keep quiet about this alleged quota system in Auburn, Alabama (home of the biggest cheaters in college football).  Mr. Hanners alleges that cops were ordered to get the really big tickets that drew the biggest fines such as speeding and running red lights.  Also, the Auburn Police Department demanded each officer make 100 contacts (making arrests, conducting field interviews, writing tickets and issuing warnings) a month.  Now, think about that for the moment.  In a town of only 52K, that would amount to 72K contacts a year.  That means some people could be cited twice, possibly stopped, field sobriety tests aka harassment in one year.   The officers with the most contacts were given gift cards, which is or should be unlawful as a gratuity to Law Enforcement Officers (LEO).  The former police officer frequently voiced his concerns to department heads in Auburn.  But, he was told to drop it.  Mr. Hanners refused to drop it and was fired for standing up for what was right.

At the time of this post, former Auburn police officer Justin Hanners has not filed a lawsuit.  I suspect that will take place just any day now.  Many people are coming to Mr. Hanners defense, including Fox News Judge Andrew Napolitano.  A Facebook page dedicated to creating a fund for Mr. Hanners has been made.  If you wish to contribute to helping a "good police officer,"  click HERE.  The Auburn Police Department may or may not be the norm among all police departments.  If it is the norm, it is unconstitutional.  Police Officers swore an oath to uphold the laws of the land.  By setting arrest and ticket quotas, they lose all credibility.   It is a shame that a good police officer had to be fired before this travesty was brought to the light of day.  Justin Hanners will never get another job in law enforcement due to the code of silence behind the so-called thin blue line.  However, he can sleep easy at night knowing he did what was right,  At the end of the day, the others who complied with this quota system will be held accountable.  Let's all hope that will be the case here.


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