Strange But True Stories

I've always had an interest in the unusual, the strange and unbelievable.  Thusly, the subject of today.  I can't vouch for the truthfulness of the following stories.  I will provide a link to where they came from on the internet.  But, I am only posting the stories I find truly strange.

A fierce gust of wind blew 45-year-old Vittorio Luise's car into a river near Naples, Italy in 1983. He managed to break out a window, climb out, and swim to shore -- where a tree blew over and killed him.  Sometimes, life gets in the way of life.

  In 1983, a Mrs. Carson of Lake Kushaqua, N.Y. was laid out in her coffin, presumed dead of heart disease. As mourners watched, she suddenly sat up. Her daughter dropped dead of fright.  Talk about being scared to death....
Two German motorists had an all-too-literal head-on collision in heavy fog near the small town of Guetersloh. Each was guiding his car at a snail's pace from opposite directions but both near the middle of the road. At the moment of impact, their heads were both out of the windows where they smacked together. Both men were hospitalized with severe head injuries. Their cars weren't scratched.  At least you can say these men "used their heads."

In a case of "one thing leading to another", seven men, aged 18-27 years, received jail sentences of 3-4 years each in Kingston-On-Thames, England in 1979 after a fight that started when one of the men threw a french fry at another while they stood waiting for a train.  I wonder if the french fry was from a happy meal.  Talk about acting like kids....

Finally, a few years ago in California there was a raging brush fire. Once the fire was extinguished, the firefighters began the process of clean up. In the middle of where the fire had been burning, they found a dead man wearing a scuba tank and wet suit. At first the firefighters were baffled as to why a man would be out in the middle of the countryside wearing full scuba gear. Upon further examination, it was determined that the man died from the impact with the ground and not the fire. As best anyone can determine, this man was scuba diving off the coast of California and was accidentally picked up by one of the firefighting aircraft when it was refilling its water tanks offshore.  This one is so unbelievable until it has to be true. 


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