Netflix vs Amazon Prime

Both Netflix and Amazon Prime (also referred to as Instant Video) offer online streaming videos from each respective service.  Netflix still holds onto the video by mail service.  But, I question how much longer that will last.  Eventually, I expect Netflix to have their entire video library online and available via their streaming service.  I have used both online streaming services over the past year.  You can get Netflix online for about $8 a month.  Amazon Prime offers free videos that are designated Amazon Prime.  You also have access to the latest releases at a cost of anywhere from $2 to $6.  I've kept both for a year because I wasn't certain which one I wanted to keep.  Netflix has a huge online library available.  But, the selection is very mediocre.   Some movies are from the 50s.  A lot of the cult classics such as "Attack of the 50 Foot Woman" are available for viewing.  These movies makeup about 15% of the selection.  Most people are not interested in watching movies that are in black and white and are about 50 years old. Some seem almost comical now.  Netflix does have a "recently added" listing of the latest movies.  But, even here, they are movies most people have seen countless times.  It seems every Tom Cruise movie ever made is on Netflix.  I'm at the point with Netflix that I feel it is a waste of time now.  Amazon Prime is not much better.  It seems they just repeat most of the fare available at Netflix.  However, Amazon Prime leaves out most of the dated 50s movies that seem to be a staple at Netflix. 

Amazon Prime also seems to have a better viewing quality than at Netflix.  I use the Roku adapter to view movies from both companies.  Amazon Prime also offers more documentaries.  I know most people are not into documentaries.  But, I enjoy them a lot.  You can get Amazon Prime for $79/year.  This includes a lot of free shipping on products you buy from them online.  Of course, you are entitled to view all their Prime movies offering.  I have decided to drop Netflix and keep Amazon Prime.  It's not so much that Amazon Prime has more movies.  It's just that Amazon Prime has slightly more quality than the quantity that Netflix has as an offering online.  If Netflix ever updates their movie listing or puts their entire video library online, I will consider adding them back as a form of my TV entertainment.  But, for now, I intend to just go with Amazon Prime. 

**This is not a paid advertisement for either Netflix or Amazon Prime.


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