Police Abuse #2

As I continue to venture onto YouTube, I am becoming more and more disgusted by actions of the very people charged to "Protect and Serve" the public.  I have always been a strong advocate of the police who do a thankless job (or so I thought).  But, it appears that more and more law enforcement officers are violating the very rights that they are sworn to protect.  Police departments, for the most part, don't seem to care about the Bill of Rights.  One example is the 4th amendment.  The 4th Amendment protects you from illegal search and seizure.  However, if you will type in "police and 4th amendment" in the YouTube search bar, you will be disgusted by what you see.  Simply telling police you do not consent to your car being searched can get you handcuffed and put into a police cruiser.  Police will say they will bring a K-9 unit and if they get a hit, they will request a warrant.  K-9 units are very unpredictable.  So, you'll probably get notified that the K-9 police dog has sniffed something that demands a warrant and then the subsequent search.  Police will say, "All you have to do is give us consent and then you can be on your way."  In other words, if you don't waive your 4th Amendment right, we are going to harass you, tow your car down to the station (of which you will be charged to pay) and place you in handcuffs even though you have not been charged with a crime or read your rights.  Police violating the 4th Amendment is the most egregious of our Bill of Rights.  But, it is not the only one.

As you will see by this video, a man is simply video taping on a public street.  This seems to give cause for a police officer to stop and harass him.  The officer asks the man does he know he can go to jail for video taping on a public street.  The man says he doesn't (which I think he realizes the officer is lying about).  The officer, of course, is wrong and he knows he is wrong.  Police despise video tape recording.  They will lie, cheat, and steal (if the circumstance occurs) to make you stop recording.  It is a 1st Amendment right to video tape public servants (such as police) while they are performing their public duties.  They can have no expectation of privacy while peforming their public duties.  They know this.  But, they will try to bully you into believing you are breaking the law.  Also, this police officer requests the man's ID.  You are under no obligation to show your ID unless you are being detained or arrested.  Police know this also or they should know.  When you have police trying to bully you, and you are not being investigated, ask if you are being detained.  If they don't answer (which happens in most cases), ask if you are free to go.  You can not be detained without reason, nor can you be searched.  If you are told you are being detained, be sure to ask why and what was their probable cause to detain you.  This is not Nazi Germany.  Police cannot stop and detain a U.S. citizen without reason or rationale.

Again, I urge to view "police abuse" on YouTube.  I realize many will say or think this is a small minority of police officers.  I wish I could believe that.  But, so many (certainly not all) police today are poorly educated (and they are the most dangerous). Most have not sustained a psychological profile that could detect problems with them before they are allowed to "protect and serve" the general public. 


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